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  1. King Henry VIII
  2. Havenu Shalom Alechem
  3. Handel
  4. Pope Gregory
  5. Moses Sang
  1. a 10 commandments
  2. b 600 AD, didnt approve of mass to different tunes, musical instruments were bad
  3. c wrote the Messiah, which covered all of Jesus' Life, birth, death
  4. d 1491-1547, leader of church of england
  5. e To you, peace we give you you

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  1. arrival
  2. Angel tells mary she is going to have a baby
  3. Miriam and Yeshua
  4. I believe
  5. went deaf before composing the Messiah

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  1. Bachfather abusive to mother, mom hooked him up with lessons from Haydn before she died


  2. PassoverEthnic Cleansing


  3. CloyI believe


  4. 1517Martin Luther nailed his questions to the church door


  5. PogromExcess to create disgust or distate


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