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  1. Hallelujah
  2. Chanukuh
  3. Jesus/Mary's Hebrew names
  4. Bach
  5. Kyre Elieson
  1. a Oil in the lamps during destruction of Jerusalum
  2. b Lord have Mercy
  3. c father abusive to mother, mom hooked him up with lessons from Haydn before she died
  4. d Praise ye Jehovah
  5. e Miriam and Yeshua

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  1. How much Judas?
  2. 10 commandments
  3. Excess to create disgust or distate
  4. my soul doth magnify the lord
  5. Prepay for sins, each sin would cost, so they could raise money for the church

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  1. RequiemI believe


  2. Rosh HashanahJewish New Year


  3. St. Mathew Passionwritten by Johann Sebastian Bach


  4. 125 ADMartin Luther nailed his questions to the church door


  5. Dies IraeSweet Jesus


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