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  1. heart murmurs
  2. no care is needed if this procedure is used for circumcision
  3. neonate extermities
  4. secondary illness prevention
  5. first urinary elimination shoul be
  1. a plastibell
  2. b within few hours after birth
  3. c involves activities directed at early detection and treatment of helath problems
  4. d symmetrical, five digits without webbing or syndactyly, muscle tone strong with full range of motion, femur seated in acetabulum
  5. e may be normal

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  1. 14 days
  2. touching top of infants foot to the edge of a table while held upright and infant makes mvmts that resemble stepping
  3. white pimple like bump on palate, goes away on its own
  4. 1 inch
  5. bottle fed babies

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  1. child with a low grade fever or minor illness15-30ml


  2. full term infants bottle feeding needsabout 15ml per day


  3. Health promotion activities for the infantfalls, choking, car safety, trust, appropraite toys


  4. subtle changes in resp rateillness preventions


  5. mature minor act permits adolescents to make decisions about their treatment at the age ofhemiplegia, brachial plexus or a fractured clavicle


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