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  1. a newborn must have a bowel mvmt within
  2. caput succedaneum
  3. used to prevent dangerous illnesses, done by injecting dead or weakened organisms, inactivated or toxoids
  4. cord should fall off in about
  5. epsteins pearls
  1. a immunizations
  2. b 14 days
  3. c collection of fluid under the scalp
  4. d white pimple like bump on palate, goes away on its own
  5. e 24 hours

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  1. vascular, will go away on its own
  2. breast fed babies
  3. strokes lateral aspect of the plantar surface of the foot results in extension of the great toe and fanning of the other toes
  4. may be normal
  5. patent and flattened

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  1. this reflex does not begin until about32 weeks of pregnancy and is not fully developed until 36 weeks


  2. caputwhite creamy stuff covering baby


  3. tachycardia, tachypnea, pupil dilation, pallorphysiological responses to pain


  4. soft, palpable masses, clamped umbilical cord and femoral pulses palpableabdomen at birth


  5. a mixture of amniotic fluid, secretions of intestional glands, thick green sticky and is passed 8-24hours after birth and continues for about 3 dayshemiplegia, brachial plexus or a fractured clavicle


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