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  1. antibiotics to prevent spread of infection, range of motion excecises to prevent effects of immobility
  2. abnormal amounts of urinary voids per day
  3. absent or inadequate moro response on one side can indicate
  4. soft, palpable masses, clamped umbilical cord and femoral pulses palpable
  5. most critical period for the neonate is
  1. a first hour of life
  2. b less then 8
  3. c abdomen at birth
  4. d hemiplegia, brachial plexus or a fractured clavicle
  5. e tertiary illness prevention

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  1. involves activities directed at early detection and treatment of helath problems
  2. collection of fluid under the scalp
  3. 14 and 15
  4. 2-3 hours and peristalsis is rapid
  5. 32 weeks of pregnancy and is not fully developed until 36 weeks

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  1. 110-160covers whole head


  2. moro or startle reflexrotating the infants head to one side causes infant to respond by extending the arm on same side as head is turned and flexing opposite arm. lower extremities respond similarly


  3. location of injection for infantsfatty tissue over anterolateral muscle (vastus lateralis) or over triceps


  4. at birth lips and palate should becan still get immunizations


  5. least likely to tolerate hypothermiapreterm, growth restricted infant, and those with asphyxia or respiratory


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