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  1. first breath taken helps to
  2. child is on antibiotics
  3. caput
  4. infant bladder holds up to
  5. recommended giving within an hour from birth
  1. a can still get immunizations
  2. b 30-50ml of urine
  3. c antibiotic ointment or solution in eyes
  4. d covers whole head
  5. e expand the collapsed lungs

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  1. typical characteristics of the neonate
  2. normal in a neonate
  3. 14 and 15
  4. disease that poses a health hazard, suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, threats to injure onself
  5. 1 inch

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  1. immunizations, health promotion teaching, assessment of parent-child relationshipsillness prevention/well child visits


  2. 110-160normal pulse range for newborn/can hit 180 if upset or crying or down to 100 is asleep


  3. strabismusuncoordinated muscle mvmt of the eyes


  4. health promotion activities for the toddlerfalls, choking, car safety, trust, appropraite toys


  5. lanugowhite creamy stuff covering baby


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