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Maternal Child week 6/peds Test

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  1. growth, development, nutritional health, emotional health and neurologic status
  2. what feeding is considered the "ideal" method
  3. parent incapacitated and cannot make decision, suspected or actual child abuse, choice does not permit life saving procedures for the child
  4. absent or inadequate moro response on one side can indicate
  5. rooting reflex
  1. a physical health
  2. b hemiplegia, brachial plexus or a fractured clavicle
  3. c stroking cheek or corner of infants mouth, infant turns head toward stimulus and opens its mouth
  4. d exceptions to parents rights over minors
  5. e breastfeeding

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  1. nasla flaring, expiratory grunting, retractions(intercostal, subcostal, substernal), apneic spells, tachypnea RR >60, central cyanosis
  2. sucking reflex ability
  3. 2-3 hours and peristalsis is rapid
  4. primary, secondary, tertiary
  5. 15-30ml

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  1. first breath taken helps toexpand the collapsed lungs


  2. least likely to tolerate hypothermiapreterm, growth restricted infant, and those with asphyxia or respiratory


  3. cryinghair covering baby


  4. miliasmall bumps, dead skin trapped in pockets, bumps pop up, will go away on their own


  5. caput succedaneumcollection of fluid under the scalp


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