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  1. vitamin to administer IM within 1 hour after delivery to prevent hemorrhagic disorders
  2. lanugo
  3. recommended giving within an hour from birth
  4. physilogic jaundice
  5. soft, palpable masses, clamped umbilical cord and femoral pulses palpable
  1. a antibiotic ointment or solution in eyes
  2. b excess bilirubin, liver related, yellowing of skin
  3. c abdomen at birth
  4. d hair covering baby
  5. e vitamin K

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  1. pedestrian and bicycle safety, latch key children, promote self esteem, play, school sports, discipline
  2. reportable situations
  3. preterm, growth restricted infant, and those with asphyxia or respiratory
  4. well child visits
  5. 3 to 5 days after birth

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  1. heart murmursinfant


  2. can a child get immunizations after exposure to infectious diseaseprimary illness preventions


  3. ears should be aligned with the3-18 years


  4. mongolian spot1st 28 days


  5. one sidedvascular, will go away on its own


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