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  1. several can be given at same time
  2. heart murmurs
  3. one sided
  4. cold air and light also stimulate
  5. capacity of the newborn infant is
  1. a cephalohematoma
  2. b 15-30ml
  3. c may be normal
  4. d immunizations
  5. e respiratory center causing newborn to breathe

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  1. physical health
  2. 7-10 days
  3. most of the blood bypasses the lungs
  4. 1-2 years
  5. disease that poses a health hazard, suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, threats to injure onself

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  1. a newborn must have a bowel mvmt within7-10 days


  2. antibiotics to prevent spread of infection, range of motion excecises to prevent effects of immobilityyes


  3. subtle changes in resp rateindication of difficulty with gas exchange


  4. more solid stool yellow to light brown in colorbottle fed babies


  5. behavioral states1st 28 days


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