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  1. physical characteristics of neonate head
  2. soft, palpable masses, clamped umbilical cord and femoral pulses palpable
  3. delivery room care
  4. rooting reflex
  5. lanugo
  1. a stroking cheek or corner of infants mouth, infant turns head toward stimulus and opens its mouth
  2. b hair covering baby
  3. c suction airway, monitor resp status, monitor circulatory changes, begin thermoregulation to prevent cold stress, assign apgar score and ballard score, apply id bands and footprint, obtain height, weight, measure head and chest
  4. d anterior and posterior fontanels, moldinig, caput succedaneum, cephalohematoma
  5. e abdomen at birth

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  1. bottle fed babies
  2. immunizations
  3. pedestrian and bicycle safety, latch key children, promote self esteem, play, school sports, discipline
  4. fatty tissue over anterolateral muscle (vastus lateralis)
  5. sucking reflex ability

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  1. bright yellow soft and pasty stool, 3-6 stools a dayintact


  2. reportable situationsdisease that poses a health hazard, suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, threats to injure onself


  3. growth, development, nutritional health, emotional health and neurologic statusantibiotic ointment or solution in eyes


  4. most critical period for the neonate isanterior and posterior fontanels, moldinig, caput succedaneum, cephalohematoma


  5. at birth, compression is releasedallowing air to be drawn into the expanding lungs to replace amniotic fluid


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