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  1. raze
  2. ravage
  3. recrimination
  4. rectitude
  5. rancid
  1. a accusing of somebody in return: blame, reproach, allegation, retort, retaliation
  2. b with disagreeable taste, causing disgust: reeking, fetid, sour, rank, rotten, stinking, putrid, stale, foul
  3. c righteousness; correctness: morality, goodness, decency, integrity, uprightness
  4. d completely destroy: demolish, annihilate, flatten, level, wreck, ruin, devastate
  5. e completely wreck or damage something: devastate, destroy, desolate, ruin, despoil, pillage, plunder, sack, ransack

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  1. in return; complementing: mutual, joint, shared, equal, common
  2. opposed to progress: conservative, unreceptive, intolerant, bigoted, intransigent, prehistoric, outdated, intransigent, extremist, rebel
  3. put stop to something: suppress, subdue, crush, control, defeat, conquer, repress, allay, assuage, alleviate, mollify, mitigate, soothe, calm
  4. correct something: remedy, cure, repair, fix, resolve, mend
  5. excessively romantic: idealist, impractical

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  1. quiescentexcessively romantic: idealist, impractical


  2. recluseunpleasantly loud: shrill, harsh


  3. raucousgrasping; destructive and vicious; predatory: greedy, voracious, avid, gluttonous, ravenous, insatiable, harmful, aggressive, dangerous, violent, preying, plundering


  4. recuperateregain health: convalesce, recover, improve, mend, retrieve, reclaim, recapture, salvage, regain, rescue, claim, repossess


  5. rebuffreject or snub


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