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  1. rebuff
  2. recession
  3. recuperate
  4. ravage
  5. reconcile
  1. a regain health: convalesce, recover, improve, mend, retrieve, reclaim, recapture, salvage, regain, rescue, claim, repossess
  2. b reject or snub
  3. c decline in economic activity; withdrawal: slump, downturn, collapse, decline, depression, stagnation
  4. d end conflict: settle, reunite, resolve, merge, square, join
  5. e completely wreck or damage something: devastate, destroy, desolate, ruin, despoil, pillage, plunder, sack, ransack

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  1. resisting authority: unruly, intractable, headstrong, disobedient, obstinate, noncompliant, stubborn, uncooperative
  2. understood by only experts: obscure, abstruse, complex, esoteric, hidden, concealed
  3. occurring unchecked; growing wildly: lush, extensive, rambling, proliferating, flourishing, multiplying, epidemic, uncontrolled, widespread, raging, threatening
  4. excessively romantic: idealist, impractical
  5. with disagreeable taste, causing disgust: reeking, fetid, sour, rank, rotten, stinking, putrid, stale, foul

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  1. querulousunpleasantly loud: shrill, harsh


  2. rectifycorrect something: remedy, cure, repair, fix, resolve, mend


  3. recurrentsuggesting; aromatic: evocative, reminiscent, indicative, recalling, scented, odorous, fragrant, perfumed


  4. recriminationaccusing of somebody in return: blame, reproach, allegation, retort, retaliation


  5. reciprocalend conflict: settle, reunite, resolve, merge, square, join


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