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  1. Metalloids
  2. 89-103
  3. Mono-atomic gases
  4. Down
  5. Al
  1. a Metallic character increases as you go ______ a column
  2. b Actinides are found in groups
  3. c Have characteristics of both metals and non-metals
  4. d Another name for Noble Gases
  5. e Mettaloids are located on the staircase, except

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  1. Metallic character decreases as you go ______ across a period
  2. Charge of noble gases
  3. In the Periodic Table, each row is called a
  4. Metals are located on the ______ of the starircase
  5. The 7 Diatomic Molecules

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  1. Henry MoseleyRevised the Periodic table based on chemical physical properties and atomic number


  2. 2Alkali Earth Metals are group


  3. Non-metalsHave luster


  4. CationsPositively-charged ions


  5. 17Halogens are group


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