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  1. Non-metals
  2. Mono-atomic gases
  3. Alkali Earth
  4. Left
  5. Right
  1. a Metallic character decreases as you go ______ across a period
  2. b Metals are located on the ______ of the starircase
  3. c Second most reactive metal
  4. d Another name for Noble Gases
  5. e Does not conduct electricity

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  1. Alkali Metals are group
  2. All elements in a group have similar
  3. Lack luster
  4. Most Reactive Metals that exist as compounds
  5. Can either gain or lose electrons

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  1. FamilyIn the Periodic Table, each column is called a


  2. Br, HgLiquids at room temp.


  3. DownCharge of noble gases


  4. MetalsTend to be in the gas state


  5. Transition MetalsTend to be in the gas state


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