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  1. Old immigrants
  2. Florence Kelley
  3. Suburbs
  4. Hull House
  5. Sweatshops
  1. a residential neighborhoods outside of downtown areas
  2. b the most famous settlement house of the period
  3. c by the late 1800s immigrants from northern Europe
  4. d because of the long hours and hot, unhealthy working conditions workplaces
  5. e one important reformer at Hull House

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  1. these aid organizations offered immigrants help in cases of sickness, unemployment, or death
  2. photographer and journalist who became famous for exposing the horrible conditions in New York City tenements
  3. neighborhood centers in poor areas that offer education recreation and social activities
  4. leisure and cultural activities share by many people
  5. in 1896, he added a color comic to his New York World newspaper

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  1. Advocatean area below deck near the rudder


  2. Steeragean area below deck near the rudder


  3. Frederick Law Olmstedlandscape architect who designed Central Park


  4. William Randolph Hearstfrom the southern and eastern Europe


  5. New immigrantsfrom the southern and eastern Europe


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