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  1. Edward Bellamy
  2. Henry George
  3. Angel Island
  4. Edward Steiner
  5. Tammany Hall
  1. a political machine for which George Plunkitt performed his labors.
  2. b published "Looking Backward" novel about man who fell asleep in 1887 and wakes up in year 2000 in a "perfect society" with no crime or poverty and the govt owns all industry and shares equally with americans. These ideas were a form of socialism
  3. c california opened barracks on this place to accomodate the asian immigrants who awaited the results of their immigration hearings in packed dorms.
  4. d posed as an immigrant in order to write a book on immigration
  5. e published "Progress and Poverty" which stated the present century has been marked by a prodigious increase in wealth-producing power. he explained the gulf between the employed and the employer is growing wider. he offered solution to poverty, land, which he argued was the basis of wealth. he proposed a "single tax" on this unearned wealth to replace all other taxes and provided the govt enough money to help poor. he challenged ideas of social darwinism and laissez-faire

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  1. one of New York's most powerful party bosses
  2. ran political machines. provided jobs housing food and heat to city dwellers.
  3. Carnegie attempted to extend and soften the harsh philosophy of Social Darwinism with the this...philosophy held that wealthy americans had responsibility of philanthropy-using their fortunes to further social progress and donate money
  4. a process in which immigrants became knowledgeable about american culture and to assimilate immigrants into american culture. public schools were crucial for this.
  5. published "Dynamic Sociology" which took ideas of Darwinism and argued that human beings were diff from animals in nature b/c they had the ability to think and make plans to produce future outcomes.His ideas became "Reform Darwinism" he said that people succeeded in the world because of their ability to cooperate. he believed competition was wasteful.

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  1. Dwight L. Moodymusic echoed the hectic pace of city life


  2. political machinereinforced idea of individualism. Herbert Spenceer proposed this idea.


  3. Scott joplinimportant African Amer ragtime composer-became known as "King of Ragtime" and published his signature piece "The Maple Leaf Rag"


  4. Herbert Spencerposed as an immigrant in order to write a book on immigration


  5. Chinese Exclusion Actone of New York's most powerful party bosses


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