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  1. William M. "Boss" Tweed
  2. individualism
  3. Walter Rauschenbusch
  4. steerage
  5. Workingman's Party of California
  1. a most basic and cheepest accommodations on a steamship.
  2. b americans believed no matter how humble their origins, they could rise in society and go as far as their talents and commitment would take them.
  3. c another anti-immigrant organization to fight Chinese immigration organized by Denis Kearney.
  4. d led the Social Gospel movement. he believed competition was the cause of social problems.
  5. e Tammany Hall's leader who got sent to prison in 1874 for his curroption

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  1. danish-born journalist who observed that a map of NYC ,"colored to designate nationalities, would show more stripes that on the skin of a zebra" also documented slum life in his book How the Other Half Lives
  2. Carnegie attempted to extend and soften the harsh philosophy of Social Darwinism with the this...philosophy held that wealthy americans had responsibility of philanthropy-using their fortunes to further social progress and donate money
  3. proposed idea of social darwinism. he applied Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection to human society and argued that human society evolved selection-only the fittest people survived "Survival of the fittest"
  4. president of Chicago YMCA
  5. ran political machines. provided jobs housing food and heat to city dwellers.

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  1. americanizationmusic echoed the hectic pace of city life


  2. Horatio ALgerno one expressed the idea of indivudualism better than him. wrote "rags-to-riches" album


  3. Edward Bellamyposed as an immigrant in order to write a book on immigration


  4. Scott joplinimportant African Amer ragtime composer-became known as "King of Ragtime" and published his signature piece "The Maple Leaf Rag"


  5. Denis Kearneyan irish immigrant who organized Workingman's Party of California


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