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  1. nativism
  2. Henry Bowers
  3. American Protective Association
  4. political machine
  5. Dwight L. Moody
  1. a extreme dislike for immigrants by native-born people and a desire to limit immigration
  2. b an informal political group designed to gain and keep power, came about partly because cities had grown much faster than their govts.
  3. c despised catholics and fereigners and committed to stop immigration and lead the American Protective Association
  4. d president of Chicago YMCA
  5. e one of the anti-immigrant organizations that was lead by Henry Bowers who despised catholics and fereigners and committed to stop immigration.

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  1. led the Social Gospel movement. he believed competition was the cause of social problems.
  2. published "Looking Backward" novel about man who fell asleep in 1887 and wakes up in year 2000 in a "perfect society" with no crime or poverty and the govt owns all industry and shares equally with americans. These ideas were a form of socialism
  3. a process in which immigrants became knowledgeable about american culture and to assimilate immigrants into american culture. public schools were crucial for this.
  4. an irish immigrant who organized Workingman's Party of California
  5. getting money through dishonest or questionable means. Plunkitt defended "honest graft"

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  1. Workingman's Party of Californiainsurrection against chinese government took 20 million lives and caused thousands of chinese to leave for US


  2. Gilded Agecovered with gold on outside but made of cheap material inside. appears to sparkle but Twain and Warner pointed out that beneath the surface lay curruption, poverty, and crime.


  3. Gildednovel written by Mark Twain and Charles Warner, it was a time of marvels where amazing new inventions led to rapid industrial growth.


  4. Lester Frank Wardpublished "Dynamic Sociology" which took ideas of Darwinism and argued that human beings were diff from animals in nature b/c they had the ability to think and make plans to produce future outcomes.His ideas became "Reform Darwinism" he said that people succeeded in the world because of their ability to cooperate. he believed competition was wasteful.


  5. party bossesran political machines. provided jobs housing food and heat to city dwellers.


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