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  1. americanization
  2. Edward Steiner
  3. American Protective Association
  4. individualism
  5. Tammany Hall
  1. a one of the anti-immigrant organizations that was lead by Henry Bowers who despised catholics and fereigners and committed to stop immigration.
  2. b americans believed no matter how humble their origins, they could rise in society and go as far as their talents and commitment would take them.
  3. c posed as an immigrant in order to write a book on immigration
  4. d a process in which immigrants became knowledgeable about american culture and to assimilate immigrants into american culture. public schools were crucial for this.
  5. e political machine for which George Plunkitt performed his labors.

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  1. insurrection against chinese government took 20 million lives and caused thousands of chinese to leave for US
  2. Carnegie attempted to extend and soften the harsh philosophy of Social Darwinism with the this...philosophy held that wealthy americans had responsibility of philanthropy-using their fortunes to further social progress and donate money
  3. published "Looking Backward" novel about man who fell asleep in 1887 and wakes up in year 2000 in a "perfect society" with no crime or poverty and the govt owns all industry and shares equally with americans. These ideas were a form of socialism
  4. attempted to portray people realistically instead of idealizing them as romantic artists had done
  5. an informal political group designed to gain and keep power, came about partly because cities had grown much faster than their govts.

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  1. vaudevilleextreme dislike for immigrants by native-born people and a desire to limit immigration


  2. Frank J. Spraguedeveloped the electric trolley car


  3. Walter Rauschenbuschran political machines. provided jobs housing food and heat to city dwellers.


  4. Henry Bowerspublished "Progress and Poverty" which stated the present century has been marked by a prodigious increase in wealth-producing power. he explained the gulf between the employed and the employer is growing wider. he offered solution to poverty, land, which he argued was the basis of wealth. he proposed a "single tax" on this unearned wealth to replace all other taxes and provided the govt enough money to help poor. he challenged ideas of social darwinism and laissez-faire


  5. Ellis Islandimmigrants passed through it in about a day. very hectic. immigrants filed past the doctor for an inspection.


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