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  1. Chinese Exclusion Act
  2. Frank J. Sprague
  3. Edward Bellamy
  4. naturalism
  5. tenements
  1. a published "Looking Backward" novel about man who fell asleep in 1887 and wakes up in year 2000 in a "perfect society" with no crime or poverty and the govt owns all industry and shares equally with americans. These ideas were a form of socialism
  2. b developed the electric trolley car
  3. c law barred Chinese immigration for 10 years and prevented the Chinese already in the country from becoming citizens
  4. d dark and crowded mjulti-family apartments
  5. e argued with social darwinism and realism and said that people failed in life b/c they were caught up in circumstances they could not control. In other words, leaving society and the economy unregulated did not always lead to the best result.

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  1. california opened barracks on this place to accomodate the asian immigrants who awaited the results of their immigration hearings in packed dorms.
  2. one of the anti-immigrant organizations that was lead by Henry Bowers who despised catholics and fereigners and committed to stop immigration.
  3. posed as an immigrant in order to write a book on immigration
  4. music echoed the hectic pace of city life
  5. immigrants passed through it in about a day. very hectic. immigrants filed past the doctor for an inspection.

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  1. vaudevilletook on American flavor in early 1990s with its hodgepodge of animal acts, acrobats, gymnastics, and dancers.


  2. Social Darwinismreinforced idea of individualism. Herbert Spenceer proposed this idea.


  3. graftgetting money through dishonest or questionable means. Plunkitt defended "honest graft"


  4. Workingman's Party of Californiaanother anti-immigrant organization to fight Chinese immigration organized by Denis Kearney.


  5. Jacob Riisdanish-born journalist who observed that a map of NYC ,"colored to designate nationalities, would show more stripes that on the skin of a zebra" also documented slum life in his book How the Other Half Lives


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