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  1. clandestine
  2. conjugal
  3. confluence
  4. desecrate
  5. cryptic
  1. a pertaining to marriage
  2. b diversion from a sacred to profane use
  3. c coming together, mass assemblage
  4. d mysterious in meaning
  5. e executed in secrecy, covert

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  1. bulkiness or largeness, obesity
  2. gullible
  3. close group, clique
  4. beautiful or innocent looking, especially in a child
  5. quarrelsome, tending to argument

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  1. commensurateproportionate, having the same measure


  2. churlishsomeone who pretends to know more than they do, a fraud


  3. demagoguediversion from a sacred to profane use


  4. celerityclose group, clique


  5. curmudgeonbulkiness or largeness, obesity


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