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  1. Why did farmers rebel in Massachusetts?
  2. Who was missing at the Constitutional Convention?
  3. Why did the smaller states object to the Virginia Plan?
  4. Why did America's leaders want a republic, not a monarchy?
  5. Place where weapons are kept.
  1. a They thought that representation based upon population would give the large states more power.
  2. b Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Patrick Henry.
  3. c Arsenal
  4. d To protest high state taxes.
  5. e To prevent a tyranny

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  1. Levy
  2. ratification
  3. To prevent tyranny. A republic. Individual rights and freedoms protected
  4. Northwest Ordinance of 1787
  5. Republicanism

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  1. What is a system of government in which power is shared between he states and the national government?The Virginia or Large State Plan


  2. Under the Virginia Plan - what would representation be based upon?Population and wealth.


  3. Who authored the Virginia Plan?John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.


  4. Define right of deposit.Permission to leave goods for later collection.


  5. Which proposed plan of government provided for a bicameral legislature and 3-branches of government?Federalism


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