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  1. Name the two house of our American government.
  2. What did Antifederalists fear?
  3. Which proposed plan of government provided for a bicameral legislature and 3-branches of government?
  4. Why did America's leaders want a republic, not a monarchy?
  5. Who believed that the Constitution needed a Bill of Rights?
  1. a To prevent a tyranny
  2. b That the federal government would abuse its power. That the President would become a king.That the legislature could dominate the states. There was no guarantee of people's rights
  3. c The Senate and the House of Representatives.
  4. d The Virginia or Large State Plan
  5. e Antifederalists

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  1. They thought that representation based upon population would give the large states more power.
  2. The Senate
  3. Republicanism
  4. If Congress banned the slave trade.
  5. Federalists

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  1. Place where weapons are kept.Arsenal


  2. Lands northwest of the Appalachian Mountains, covered by the Land Ordinance of 1785Federalists


  3. Addition to a documentAmendment


  4. What is another name for the Great Compromise?To guarantee basic freedoms of individuals and states.


  5. Impose or raise a taxLevy


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