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  1. Who believed that the Constitution needed a Bill of Rights?
  2. Why did farmers rebel in Massachusetts?
  3. Define bicameral.
  4. Who wrote the Federalist papers?
  5. A system in which more than one-half of a group holds power to make decisions binding the entire group.
  1. a Antifederalists
  2. b Majority Rule
  3. c A two-house law making body.
  4. d John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.
  5. e To protest high state taxes.

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  1. The Virginia or Large State Plan
  2. To guarantee basic freedoms of individuals and states.
  3. Northwest Ordinance of 1787
  4. Permission to leave goods for later collection.
  5. The Federal Government

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  1. What is another name for the Great Compromise?The Connecticut Compromise


  2. Under the Virginia Plan - what would representation be based upon?Population and wealth.


  3. Lands northwest of the Appalachian Mountains, covered by the Land Ordinance of 1785Northwest Territory


  4. One-house legislatureA two-house law making body.


  5. Why did the smaller states object to the Virginia Plan?They thought that representation based upon population would give the large states more power.


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