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  1. Why did delegates from southern states threaten to reject the Constitution?
  2. Define bicameral.
  3. Who were the leading Antifederalists?
  4. Which branch is responsible to make laws?
  5. What is a system of government in which power is shared between he states and the national government?
  1. a Federalism
  2. b The legislature.
  3. c A two-house law making body.
  4. d Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Mercy Otis Warren.
  5. e If Congress banned the slave trade.

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  1. To protest high state taxes.
  2. Majority Rule
  3. To discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation
  4. Amendment
  5. Population and wealth.

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  1. What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights?To discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation


  2. Under the Articles of Confederation, who had the authority to tax?The Federal Government


  3. Who was George Mason?A well known Antifederalist.


  4. Define right of deposit.Permission to leave goods for later collection.


  5. Law that established a plan for the dividing of the federally owned lands west of the Appalachians.Land Ordinance of 1785


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