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  1. Academie Royal de la Danse
  2. doun doun
  3. Break
  4. uses of african dance & drum
  5. griot
  1. a The first official school of ballet
  2. b African historian who uses dance and song to keep traditions
  3. c communicate with the spirit world, community, for fun
  4. d a double headed african drum
  5. e A change in the drumming rhythm that tells a dancer when to stop, start, or change steps

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  1. Early Greek system of dance used to express all the human emotions
  2. Established the five positions of the feet
  3. A traditional dance form originating from the common people of a nation or region
  4. 1300s-1400s
  5. One of the first combinations of costume designers, composers, choreographers, and ballet dancers to create a large scale ballet company

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  1. kyphosisan abnormal inward curvature of the vertebral column


  2. Early dance was used to...Used to honor specific gods


  3. Phrasesan abnormal inward curvature of the vertebral column


  4. Era of the Early Technique1600s-1700s


  5. Goal of ballet trainingDevelop core strength, develop legs for maximum range of motion and fluid carriage of the torso


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