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  1. Wolof
  2. Pierre Beauchamp
  3. Early dance was used to...
  4. Ethnic Dance
  5. Romantic period ballets
  1. a A traditional dance form originating from the common people of a nation or region
  2. b Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere
  3. c Tell myths
  4. d an ethnic group in Senegal
  5. e Established the five positions of the feet

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  1. over-curvature of the thoracic vertebrae
  2. communicate with the spirit world, community, for fun
  3. French king who popularized ballet in Europe
  4. The first book defining and documenting court dance
  5. One of the first combinations of costume designers, composers, choreographers, and ballet dancers to create a large scale ballet company

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  1. griotan ethnic group in Senegal


  2. Serge DiaghilevEstablished the School of American Ballet


  3. Thoinot ArbeauEarly Greek system of dance used to express all the human emotions


  4. African Mask and CostumesA dance form characterized by athleticism, deep contractions, and sharp angles


  5. proficient african dance skillscommunicate with the spirit world, community, for fun


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