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  1. uses of african dance & drum
  2. lordosis
  3. Era of the Early Technique
  4. Thoinot Arbeau
  5. Early dance was used to...
  1. a Tell myths
  2. b Author of Orchesography
  3. c communicate with the spirit world, community, for fun
  4. d 1500s
  5. e an abnormal inward curvature of the vertebral column

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  1. over-curvature of the thoracic vertebrae
  2. an ethnic group in Mali
  3. One of the first combinations of costume designers, composers, choreographers, and ballet dancers to create a large scale ballet company
  4. The producer of Ballet Ruses
  5. Early Greek system of dance used to express all the human emotions

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  1. BalletA dance form that started in the Royal Courts of Europe; A story told through dance


  2. Romantic period balletsGiselle, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere


  3. Wolofan ethnic group in Senegal


  4. Pierre BeauchampEstablished the School of American Ballet


  5. Academie Royal de la DanseA dance form characterized by athleticism, deep contractions, and sharp angles


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