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  1. Other factors for weight gain besides BMI
  2. Protein
  3. FAS: Sx
  4. Smoking
  5. Pica
  1. a Ingestion of non-food substances
    Non-judgmental attitude is important
    Teach, supplement, refer to WIC
    Women are often frightened by these urges, support and normalize!
  2. b Lifetime medical cost of $5 million
    CNS impairment of IQ, memory and attention
    impulsive behavior
    poor social relationships
    "looks just like mom or dad" (family hx)
  3. c twin pregnancy is 35-45 lbs
    triplets is 50 lbs
    age (teens still growing)
    activity level
    special needs r/t other health concerns
  4. d 60-70g/day in prg
    Too little causes:
    poor uterine tone
    prg loss
    small infants
  5. e Vasocontriction of mother causes hypoxemia
    chronic hypoxemia
    carbon monoxide
    fetus 1 cig = 3 in terms of effects
    patches and gum are possibly teratogenic

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  1. BMI of 25-29.9
    15-25 lbs
  2. No change in:

    Double B12 (careful with Vegans! They need extra!)
    folic acid need increases 50%
  3. cohosh
    raspberry leaves
  4. Critical for health of mother and newborn
    Is often first indicator of attachment issues and other psychological and emotional problems
  5. Prg induces a pseudoanemia
    Use ferrous to supplement, not ferric
    30 mg/day
    looks like M&Ms--watch w/kids

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  1. *Risks of Obesity60-70g/day in prg
    Too little causes:
    poor uterine tone
    prg loss
    small infants


  2. Why care about weight?Weight gain often correlates w/nutrients
    optimal: ongoing sustenance for fetus, not sporadic nutrition
    This can be an indicator of investment into pregnancy and future parenting!


  3. Nutrition PP and BreastfeedingEverything that goes into you, goes into baby. Mostly need fluid (water), increasing about a quart a day above norm


  4. Calories increase in pregnancy300-500/day
    400-500/day for lactation
    surprisingly less than people think


  5. Weight gain is approximately 30 lbs2-4 total in 1st tri
    1 lb/day in 2nd and 3rd


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