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  1. crusts
  2. Sudoriferous glands
  3. ecchymosis
  4. pallor
  5. sebaceous glands
  1. a oil glands
  2. b sweat glands
  3. c areas of dried body secretions such as scabs
  4. d bruising
  5. e less color than normal in the skin

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  1. layer of skin under the epidermis that contains blood vessels, nerve fibers,and glands
  2. having a bad or foul odor
  3. small, knotlike protrusions; small masses of tissue
  4. body shell
  5. parasitic disease of the skin that causes a rash and severe itching

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  1. vesiclesinjuries or disease that cause changes in skin structures


  2. contraindicatednot permitted


  3. maculesflat, discolored spots as in measles or freckles


  4. pustulesmall, solid, raised spots as in chickenpox


  5. senile purpuralukewarm water


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