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  1. allergen
  2. dermis
  3. wheals
  4. skin tears
  5. scabies
  1. a shallow injuries in which the epidermis is torn. The shape is often irregular and these are common in the elderly
  2. b layer of skin under the epidermis that contains blood vessels, nerve fibers,and glands
  3. c parasitic disease of the skin that causes a rash and severe itching
  4. d large, raised irregular areas frequently associated with itching, as in hives
  5. e material causing sensitivity

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  1. sensitivity reactions to a specific material
  2. areas of dried body secretions such as scabs
  3. sweat glands
  4. small, knotlike protrusions; small masses of tissue
  5. lice

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  1. Integumentmaterial causing sensitivity


  2. maculessmall, solid, raised spots as in chickenpox


  3. Subcutaneous tissueTissue under the dermis that connects skin to muscles


  4. lesionsinjuries or disease that cause changes in skin structures


  5. contraindicatednot permitted


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