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  1. die Klage, -n
  2. der Mitmensch, -en
  3. auslesen (ie, a, e)
  4. das Unheil
  5. beschimpfen
  1. a to insult, swear at
  2. b disaster, calamity, mishap
  3. c to finish reading (book)
  4. d complaint
  5. e fellow human beings

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  1. to go with, match
  2. to fit, suit, be appropriate to one's liking
  3. to remark; notice, observe
  4. to be regarded as, be considered
  5. criminal tendencies

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  1. die Hinterlistcuriosity, inquisitiveness


  2. verzichten auf [acc.]to do without, forgo


  3. klagen über [acc.]to fit into


  4. die Neugiercunning


  5. der Jähzorndeparture, leave-taking, farewell


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