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  1. das Herz, -en
  2. der Mitmensch, -en
  3. fremd
  4. sich [dat.] leisten
  5. die Hinterlist
  1. a to afford
  2. b fellow human beings
  3. c heart
  4. d foreign, unfamiliar, strange
  5. e cunning

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  1. remark, comment
  2. to be regarded as, be considered
  3. to mix with people, go out among people
  4. cruel; terrible, awful, dreadful
  5. bookstore

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  1. der Jähzornviolent temper


  2. denken (dachte, gedacht) an [acc.]think of/about, have in mind, call to mind


  3. die Entschuldigung, -enbookstore


  4. die Grausamkeit, -encomplaint


  5. der/ein Fremde(r)human being, person; (pl.) people


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