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  1. secondary industry
  2. telecommunications
  3. natural gas
  4. free trade
  5. nondurable manufacturing
  1. a transmitting information and communicating through electronic impulses
  2. b Manufacturing businesses that take materials from primary industries and other secondary industries and make them into goods. It has 2 types: construction and manufacturing
  3. c removing trade barriers so that goods flow freely among countries
  4. d the mass production of goods that are expected to last for less than one year
  5. e a fossil fuel in the gaseous state

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  1. the monetary value of all goods and services produced for sale within a country's borders over the course of a year
  2. commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country
  3. the application of science to industry
  4. a tax on imports or exports
  5. Big busnises and companies in the process of making a raw material into a finished product; especially in large quantities.

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  1. free marketremoving trade barriers so that goods flow freely among countries


  2. natural resourcesa fossil fuel in the gaseous state


  3. fossil fuela nonrenewable energy resource formed from the remains of organisms that lived long ago; examples includes petroleum, coal, and natural gas


  4. primary industrya service industry does not produce goods but povide a skill or service. such as banking, transport, doctors and more.


  5. cash cropFarm crop raised to be sold for money


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