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  1. developing country
  2. World Trade Organization
  3. protectionism
  4. durable manufacturing
  5. retail business
  1. a a country that does not take full advantage of its natural or human resources
  2. b protecting domestic manufacturers from foreign competition by imposing tariffs and quotas on imported goods
  3. c a business that sells goods to the general public usually in smaller quantity
  4. d the mass production of goods that are expected to last more than one year
  5. e International organization that regulates international trade

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  1. liquid fossil fuel
  2. A trade agreement that contained loopholes that enables countries to avoid trade-barrier reduction agreements
  3. the monetary value of all goods and services produced for sale within a country's borders over the course of a year
  4. Big busnises and companies in the process of making a raw material into a finished product; especially in large quantities.
  5. A bnusiness that buys and resells merchandise to retail merchandising businesses

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  1. natural resourcesa fossil fuel in the gaseous state


  2. bauxiteprincipal Ore from which aluminum is made


  3. alloya mixture of two or more metals


  4. subsistence farmingA traditional grazing method in which nomadic herdsmen wander freely over rangelands in search of good grazing for their livestock.


  5. developmentcommodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country


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