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When did R&R develop?

Late 1940s, after WW2

Name 4 cultures R&R combined.

Rhythm & blues, country, gospel, african american

Describe a typical R&R band.

Electric guitars, electric bass guitar, drum kit

What is rockabilly?

An early from of R&R, combining country and jazz

Name 3 famous R&R musicians.

Elvis Presley, Perry Como, Buddy Holly

Name 3 styles that developed from R&R.

Psychedelic rock, progressive rock, heavy metal

When did rock develop?


What inspired rock?

R&R, rhythm and blues, country, folk, jazz

Name 3 famous R&R musicians.

Keith Richard, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

When did popular music develop?

1950s - softer alternative to R&R, rock

Name 5 characteristics of pop music.

Focus on individual singles or songs.
Appeals to a general audience.
Recording instead of live performance.
Light and catchy.
Reflects existing trends.

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