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  1. Junkers
  2. Great Northern War
  3. Hohenzollerns
  4. Cardinal Fleury
  5. Duke of Orleans
  1. a German noble landlords (received the right to demand obedience from the serfs in exchange for obedience to the Hohenzollerns)
  2. b ruling family of Prussia, gained obedience of the Junkers
  3. c Uncle of Louis XV (Louis XIV's grandson); became his regent... brought about many financial and moral scandals
  4. d war in 1700 between Russia (Peter the Great) and Sweden (Charles XII) over sea ports in the Baltic Sea
  5. e the French cardinal who served as chief minister to Louis XV

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  1. members of the British reforming and constitutional party that sought the supremacy of Parliament
  2. son of Frederick William I, took his father's suburb military and invaded Silesia, creating an Austrian-Prussian rivalry for control of Germany
  3. Scottish mathematician and gambler who was made France's finance minister by the Duke of Orleans
  4. passed by Peter the Great, equated a person's social class to their military or bureaucracy
  5. King of Poland who rescued Vienna from a Turkish siege

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  1. strelstymembers of the English political party opposing the exclusion of James II from the succession


  2. Toriesmembers of the English political party opposing the exclusion of James II from the succession


  3. Charles XIIsovereign of the Habsburg Empire


  4. Pragmatic Sanctionmembers of people who originated in the Urals


  5. Mississippi Bubble Scandalfinancial scandal that tok place when the Mississippi Company's stock dramatically rose and everyone sold their stock at once... there was no money to pay anyone


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