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  1. imperative sentence
  2. phrase
  3. subordinating conjunctions
  4. interrogative sentence
  5. independent clause
  1. a a sentence that makes or gives a command
  2. b a sentence that interrogates, that asks a question
  3. c a clause that is a complete thought
  4. d if, as, since, when, because
  5. e a group of words that does not have a subject and its predicate

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  1. shows the relationship between its object and another word in the sentence
  2. an"-ing" verb form used as a noun
  3. a subject complement that is a noun or pronoun
  4. a sentence that declares or makes a statement
  5. a phrase beginning witha preposition, used as a modifier

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  1. predicate adjectivea subject complement that is a noun or pronoun


  2. subject complementthe noun or subject pronoun that the sentence is about


  3. articlea verb form of various endings used as an adjective


  4. subjecta group of words that has a subject and its predicate, and makes a complete thought


  5. pronouna word that takes the place of a noun


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