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  1. subject complement
  2. declarative sentence
  3. independent clause
  4. predicate nominative
  5. interrogative sentence
  1. a a subject complement that is a noun or pronoun
  2. b a sentence that interrogates, that asks a question
  3. c a sentence that declares or makes a statement
  4. d a clause that is a complete thought
  5. e the noun, subject pronoun, or adjective, that is linked to the subject by a linking verb, and that tells more about the subject

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  1. a sentence that makes or gives a command
  2. a verb form of various endings used as an adjective
  3. if, as, since, when, because
  4. a group of words that has a subject and its predicate, and makes a complete thought
  5. shows emotion but has no grammatical function

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  1. compound sentencea sentence with an independent clause attached to a dependent clause


  2. verbala verb form used as a noun, adjective, or adverb


  3. dependent clausea clause that is a complete thought


  4. clausea group of words that does not have a subject and its predicate


  5. compound-complex sentencea sentence with a compound structure and a complex structure


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