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  1. salinity
  2. air pressure
  3. iceberg
  4. alike-water vapor is formed in both; different-sublimation is slower
  5. groundwater
  1. a When air moves upward to areas of less ___ ___, clouds often form.
  2. b This forms when a large piece of ice breaks off a glacier or ice sheet.
  3. c How are evaporation & sublimation alike and different?
  4. d a measure of how salty water is
  5. e Water that fills spaces between particles of rock and soil is called _____.

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  1. the layer of rock and soil that groundwater flows through
  2. a lake formed behind a dam
  3. Two ways the most communities treat water before it comes into your home.
  4. Dew forms during this part of the water cycle.
  5. The top level of groundwater in a(n) ___ is called water table.

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  1. currentsThese carry warm water toward the poles.


  2. ice crystalsThese cover about 75 percent of Earth.


  3. water cycleevaporation, condensation, precipitation, run-off


  4. frostRivers, streams, and lakes are surface ___ water.


  5. freshThis forms when water vapor on a surface freezes without first becoming liquid water.


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