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  1. evaporation
  2. condensation
  3. frozen
  4. aquifer
  5. fresh
  1. a the changing of a liquid into a gas
  2. b The top level of groundwater in a(n) ___ is called water table.
  3. c Dew forms during this part of the water cycle.
  4. d Rivers, streams, and lakes are surface ___ water.
  5. e ___ raindrops falling from clouds are called sleet.

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  1. Water that fills spaces between particles of rock and soil is called _____.
  2. The ocean will most likely have the greatest ___ in an area where the water evaporates quickly.
  3. This forms when a large piece of ice breaks off a glacier or ice sheet.
  4. These cover about 75 percent of Earth.
  5. frozen raindrops

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  1. air pressureWhen air moves upward to areas of less ___ ___, clouds often form.


  2. ice crystalsMany clouds in the summer sky are made of these.


  3. salinityA liter of cold water with high ____ is heavier than a liter of warm water with low ____.


  4. reservoira lake formed behind a dam


  5. frostThis forms when water vapor on a surface freezes without first becoming liquid water.


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