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  1. condensation
  2. salinity
  3. aquifer
  4. precipitation
  1. a the changing of a gas into a liquid
  2. b the layer of rock and soil that groundwater flows through
  3. c A liter of cold water with high ____ is heavier than a liter of warm water with low ____.
  4. d water leaving clouds as rain, snow, sleet, or hail

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  1. How are evaporation & sublimation alike and different?
  2. the top level of groundwater in an aquifer
  3. frozen raindrops
  4. The top level of groundwater in a(n) ___ is called water table.
  5. Many clouds in the summer sky are made of these.

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  1. oceans___ raindrops falling from clouds are called sleet.


  2. currentsThese carry warm water toward the poles.


  3. salinityfrozen raindrops


  4. freshRivers, streams, and lakes are surface ___ water.


  5. reservoirRivers, streams, and lakes are surface ___ water.


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