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  1. capital
  2. strike
  3. neutrality
  4. a run
  5. President Woodrow Wilson
  1. a when people go against what they are suposed to to prove a point
  2. b when everyone suddenly withdraws their money at once
  3. c money to begin or start a business
  4. d in the middle of the argument
  5. e played the main roles in drafting the treaty of the big four

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  1. powerful and numerous tribe that was divided into several small groupings
  2. a meat packing company that is the leading Chicago meat packing company
  3. allows police to detain individuals suspected of being in the country illegaly
  4. favors those who were born in his or her country rather than those who immigrated
  5. people no longer had to pay poll taxes or any other taxes in order to vote

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  1. depressionthe making amends for wrong of injury done


  2. militantmoney to begin or start a business


  3. Meat Inspection Act of 1906authorized inspectors to stop any bad or mislabeled meat from entering public, government funds


  4. trenchesditch with steep sides


  5. boycottwhen you dont buy products to prove a point


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