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  1. John Mitchell
  2. trenches
  3. intrest income
  4. armistice
  5. Cherokee
  1. a president of UMW
  2. b when the bank pays you a little money for putting money into your account
  3. c situation in a war where warring parties agree to stop fighting temporarily
  4. d ditch with steep sides
  5. e a native american group

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  1. germany and Australia-Germany alliance
  2. religious movement because it was believed that the world would end soon and the Indians would inherit the world
  3. organized, often officialy encouraged, massacre of a minority group
  4. capital city of BH in the central part of the country
  5. an alliance between France Russia and Italy

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  1. workers compensationa system of insurance that reimburses an employee for damages that must be paid to an employee for injury on the job


  2. boycottorganized, often officialy encouraged, massacre of a minority group


  3. monopoliesa fee to vote


  4. emegrateleave a county


  5. ArmourEmperor or king of Russia


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