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  1. twenty-sixth amendment
  2. ratified
  3. monopolies
  4. allied powers
  5. Teddy Rosevelt
  1. a an alliance between France Russia and Italy
  2. b granted, approved
  3. c intervened in the dispute and caused compromise and president at the time
  4. d you have to be over 18 to vote
  5. e when only one company sells something so they have price control

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  1. when everyone suddenly withdraws their money at once
  2. when the bank pays you a little money for putting money into your account
  3. the line which seperates you from poverty and middle class
  4. instituted a draft and raised 2.8 million conscripts while almost 2 million enlisted
  5. the report of poverty disease and the underemployment of the Native Americans

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  1. central powersan alliance between France Russia and Italy


  2. nationalistsfavors those who were born in his or her country rather than those who immigrated


  3. authoritarinanismstrict and demanding obedience


  4. boycottwhen you dont buy products to prove a point


  5. armisticesituation in a war where warring parties agree to stop fighting temporarily


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