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  1. reparations
  2. allied powers
  3. nineteenth amendment
  4. abolition movement
  5. poverty line
  1. a trying to get rid of slavery
  2. b the line which seperates you from poverty and middle class
  3. c allowed both genders to vote
  4. d an alliance between France Russia and Italy
  5. e the making amends for wrong of injury done

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  1. wrote book, The Jungle, about meat packing industry and is a accidental muckracker
  2. president of UMW
  3. large business that sells stock that have multiple owners
  4. caused the fight of little bighorn
  5. capital city of BH in the central part of the country

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  1. Armoura meat packing company that is the leading Chicago meat packing company


  2. boycottwhen you dont buy products to prove a point


  3. NCLCnational child labor committee they worked to end child labor with efforts for free education


  4. strikewhen people go against what they are suposed to to prove a point


  5. chinese exclusion actinstituted a draft and raised 2.8 million conscripts while almost 2 million enlisted


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