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  1. mass production
  2. Packingtown
  3. UMW
  4. chinese exclusion act
  5. Susan b anthony
  1. a when you make a lot of something at one time
  2. b forbade the entry of chinese into the US
  3. c united mine workers went on strike to bargain with coal operators for improvments in wages/hours and better working conditions
  4. d One of the leader of women's suffrage movement
  5. e another name for Chicago

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  1. an alliance between France Russia and Italy
  2. germany and Australia-Germany alliance
  3. when the stock markets go down
  4. a disease similar to chicken pox that was common a long time ago
  5. money to begin or start a business

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  1. temperance movementCongress inforced that you shouldnt be discriminated against for color, race, or former slave in the act of voting


  2. Laissez-faireto have as little government intervention as possible


  3. NAWSAwhen everyone suddenly withdraws their money at once


  4. Selective Service Actinstituted a draft and raised 2.8 million conscripts while almost 2 million enlisted


  5. sioxwar industries board cordinated the activities of the government and business and oversaw the transformation of factories for war production


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