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  1. trenches
  2. Czar
  3. ratified
  4. chinese exclusion act
  5. UMW
  1. a ditch with steep sides
  2. b Emperor or king of Russia
  3. c united mine workers went on strike to bargain with coal operators for improvments in wages/hours and better working conditions
  4. d granted, approved
  5. e forbade the entry of chinese into the US

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  1. when everyone suddenly withdraws their money at once
  2. strict and demanding obedience
  3. allows police to detain individuals suspected of being in the country illegaly
  4. allowed both genders to vote
  5. engaged in warfare

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  1. reparationshigh risk with high payout and higher liklihood of losing your money


  2. twenty-fourth amendmentCongress inforced that you shouldnt be discriminated against for color, race, or former slave in the act of voting


  3. President Woodrow Wilsonan intergovernmental organization founded as a result of the Paris Peace conference that ended the first world war


  4. Gen. John J Pershingadmit to citizenship, especially in the right of voting


  5. pacifista person who is against war or any violence at all


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