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  1. Biodiversity
  2. Sustainability/sustainable development
  3. Immigration
  4. Population density
  5. Ecosystem diversity
  1. a Lots of different habitats, communities, and ecological processes in the world.
  2. b population movement into an area
  3. c Number of individuals in an area
  4. d Total diversity in the biosphere. The combination of ecosystem, species, and genetic diversity.
  5. e Using natural resources without running out of them, and providing for human needs without causing long term environmental harm.

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  1. When increasing pollutants are passed up the food chain
  2. Any resource that cannot be replaced by natural processes; ex. Oil, coal, aluminum
  3. limits population growth not based on population density; ex. natural disaster, seasonal changes, etc.
  4. A way of manageing natural resources to preserve habitats and wildlife.
  5. population movement out of an area

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  1. OverfishingRemoving more fish from the oceans than can be naturally produced; catching more fish than will be born


  2. By-catchPlants and animals that fishing boats remove from the oceans, that are not intended for use/consumption; catching dolphins in your nets while fishing for tuna.


  3. Carrying capacityMost number of individuals that an ecosystem can have


  4. ExtinctionWhen a species no longer exists


  5. Limiting factorpopulation movement into an area


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