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  1. Immigration
  2. Nonrenewable resource
  3. Deforestation
  4. Conservation
  5. Endangered species
  1. a Loss of forests through natural or man made causes; logging forests
  2. b population movement into an area
  3. c A way of manageing natural resources to preserve habitats and wildlife.
  4. d Any resource that cannot be replaced by natural processes; ex. Oil, coal, aluminum
  5. e Species with very low numbers that is at risk of dying out

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  1. Using natural resources without running out of them, and providing for human needs without causing long term environmental harm.
  2. A mixture of chemicals that occurs as a grey-brown haze. Primarily caused by automobiles
  3. When good land is turned into a desert through farming, overgrazing, and/or drought
  4. Growth that increases over time. Found under perfect conditions only
  5. When a species no longer exists

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  1. Renewable resourceResources can regenerate or replenish over time;ex. growing more trees after logging/using wind energy/cleaning and reusing drinking water


  2. Biological magnificationWhen increasing pollutants are passed up the food chain


  3. BiodiversityTotal genetic variety on the planet


  4. Species diversityTotal genetic variety on the planet


  5. Density-dependent limiting factorlimits population growth not based on population density; ex. natural disaster, seasonal changes, etc.


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