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  1. Overfishing
  2. Limiting factor
  3. Immigration
  4. Density-dependent limiting factor
  5. Extinction
  1. a When a species no longer exists
  2. b limits population growth based on population density;ex. disease, competition, predation
  3. c Removing more fish from the oceans than can be naturally produced; catching more fish than will be born
  4. d Anything that limits population growth
  5. e population movement into an area

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  1. Diagram that shows human population info based on age and gender
  2. Most number of individuals that an ecosystem can have
  3. Number of different species in the biosphere
  4. Growth that increases over time. Found under perfect conditions only
  5. When increasing pollutants are passed up the food chain

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  1. SmogA mixture of chemicals that occurs as a grey-brown haze. Primarily caused by automobiles


  2. Habitat fragmentationa break in an ecosystem by natural or man made barriers.


  3. Emigrationpopulation movement into an area


  4. By-catchPlants and animals that fishing boats remove from the oceans, that are not intended for use/consumption; catching dolphins in your nets while fishing for tuna.


  5. Population densityNumber of different species in the biosphere


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