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  1. personification
  2. free verse poetry
  3. imagery
  4. ballad
  5. line
  1. a a set of mental pictures or images
  2. b giving human qualities to unhuman things
  3. c strict form of poetry(4 line stanzas) 1st line and 3rd line rhyme (similar to 2nd and 4th)
  4. d poem in which there is no specific rhyme, line pattern, or rhythm
  5. e basic unit of a poem that can be one word or many

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  1. indicates which lines of a poem have the same end rhyme(uses letters)
  2. matching or repitition of consonants at the beginning of words
  3. a concrete object that represents something else
  4. 14 line poem that uses iambic pentameter, studied most often as Shakesperean
  5. rhymes occur within a line

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  1. rhymerepition of ending sounds of words


  2. sestet6 lines


  3. tercet7 lines


  4. octave8 lines


  5. onomatopoeiathe formation or use of words to imitate the sounds associated with objects and actions


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