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  1. simile
  2. internal rhyme
  3. narrative poetry
  4. sonnet
  5. quintain
  1. a poetry that has a plot
  2. b 5 lines
  3. c 14 line poem that uses iambic pentameter, studied most often as Shakesperean
  4. d a figure of speech in which two things are compared using like or as
  5. e rhymes occur within a line

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  1. 7 lines
  2. one who speaks: narrator
  3. rhyming of last words of different lines
  4. the act or process of repeating or being repeated
  5. a concrete object that represents something else

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  1. linebasic unit of a poem that can be one word or many


  2. imagerya set of mental pictures or images


  3. metaphora figure of speech in which two things are compared not using like or as


  4. free verse poetrypoem in which there is no specific rhyme, line pattern, or rhythm


  5. alliteration(and assonance)matching or repitition of consonants at the beginning of words


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