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  1. refrain
  2. septet
  3. onomatopoeia
  4. personification
  5. free verse poetry
  1. a a phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a poem or song especially at the end of each stanza
  2. b poem in which there is no specific rhyme, line pattern, or rhythm
  3. c giving human qualities to unhuman things
  4. d the formation or use of words to imitate the sounds associated with objects and actions
  5. e 7 lines

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  1. 6 lines
  2. a figure of speech in which two things are compared using like or as
  3. 3 lines
  4. rhymes that sound close enough to each other to be called a rhyme
  5. a concrete object that represents something else

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  1. linerepition of ending sounds of words


  2. couplet7 lines


  3. octaveone who speaks: narrator


  4. rhyme patternindicates which lines of a poem have the same end rhyme(uses letters)


  5. alliteration(and assonance)rhymes occur within a line


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