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  1. The membrane's permeability to K+ is much higher than?
  2. A type of neurotransmitter receptor that contains a neurotransmitter binding site and an ion channel
  3. What are effectors?
  4. What two types of neuroglia produce myelin sheaths?
  5. At a synapse between neurons, the neuron receiving the message is?
  1. a ionotropic receptor
  2. b postsynaptic neuron
  3. c schwann cells in PNS
    oligodendrocytes in CNS
  4. d muscles and glands
  5. e its permeability to Na+

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  1. norepinephrine: awakening, dreaming
    epinephrine: adrenaline
    dopamine: emotional, addiction, pleasure
  2. detect internal and external changes
  3. histamine: wakefulness, appetite control, learning
    serotonin: sensory perception, mood, appetite, sleep
  4. Na+(sodium) and K+(potassium)
  5. ganglion

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  1. Conduction that occurs in myelinated axonselectrochemical gradient


  2. What is white matter primarily composed of?unidirectional from the cell body toward the axon terminals


  3. Propagates nerve impulses toward another neuron, muscle or glandneurotransmitters, hormones, and particular ions


  4. Explain the two subdivisions of the nervous system.CNS: brain and spinal cord
    PNS: all nervous tissue outside CNS


  5. Explain the integrative functionprocesses sensory input by integrating and using perception


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