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  1. Explain the somatic(SNS)
  2. An action potential begins and travels due to the movement of what ions?
  3. Gaps in the myelin sheath are called?
  4. The production of graded potentials and action potentials depend on what two basic features?
  5. What are effectors?
  1. a nodes of Ranvier
  2. b muscles and glands
  3. c resting membrane potential
    presence of ion channels
  4. d Na+(sodium) and K+(potassium)
  5. e convey info from somatic and special sense receptors
    conduct impulses to skeletal muscle only

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  1. detect internal and external changes
  2. nerve
  3. acetylcholine, amino acids, biogenic amines, ATP and other purines, and nitric oxide
  4. presynaptic neuron
  5. ganglion

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  1. The ability to respond to a stimulus and convert it into an action potentialaway from CNS to effectors in the PNS


  2. Explain the integrative functionresponse to input/integration by activating effectors


  3. What is the function of neuroglia cells?to support, nourish and protect neurons as well as maintain homeostasis of interstitial fluid


  4. What does gray matter consist of?cell bodies, dendrites, unmyelinated axons, axon terminals, and neuroglia


  5. Explain the autonomic(ANS)involuntary
    two branches: sympathetic & parasympathetic


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