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  1. At a synapse between neurons, the neuron sending the signal is?
  2. What are the three functions of the nervous system?
  3. A bundle of axons in the PNS
  4. Which neuropeptide enhances perception of pain and is inhibited by endorphins and enkephalin?
  5. The birth of new neurons from undifferentiated stem cells
  1. a substance P
  2. b sensory, integrative, and motor
  3. c presynaptic neuron
  4. d neurogenesis
  5. e nerve

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  1. amount of myelination
    axon diameter
  2. away from CNS to effectors in the PNS
  3. its permeability to Na+
  4. cell body, dendrites, and an axon
  5. inhibitory: membrane more negative, even farther from threshold than in its resting state

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  1. What is white matter primarily composed of?myelinated axons


  2. The production of graded potentials and action potentials depend on what two basic features?resting membrane potential
    presence of ion channels


  3. Most neurons in the brain and spinal cord are of what type?multipolar neurons


  4. The site of communication between two neurons or between a neuron and an effector cellneurogenesis


  5. Microglia function as what?the direction in which the nerve impulse is conveyed


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