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  1. What is the function of neuroglia cells?
  2. At a synapse between neurons, the neuron receiving the message is?
  3. Where are purkinje cells found? Pyramidal?
  4. An electrical signal that propagates along the surface of the membrane of a neuron
  5. Conduction that occurs in unmyelinated axons and muscles
  1. a postsynaptic neuron
  2. b action potential "nerve impulse"
  3. c to support, nourish and protect neurons as well as maintain homeostasis of interstitial fluid
  4. d purkinje: cerebellum
    pyramidal: cerebral cortex
  5. e continuous conduction

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  1. convey info from somatic and special sense receptors
    conduct impulses to skeletal muscle only
  2. diffusion
    enzymatic degradation
    uptake by cells
  3. vasodilation
  4. faster communication and synchronization
  5. plasticity

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  1. Motor neurons are also known as?efferent


  2. Explain the integrative functionprocesses sensory input by integrating and using perception


  3. Period of time when neuron cannot generate another action potential in response to normal threshold stimulusthe action potential is carried into the CNS


  4. A neurotransmitter that cause hyperpolarization of the postsynaptic membrane is?inhibitory: membrane more negative, even farther from threshold than in its resting state


  5. What does gray matter consist of?muscles and glands


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