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  1. Explain the motor function
  2. A sequence of rapidly occurring events that decrease and reverse the membrane potential and then eventually restore it to its resting state
  3. Nervous tissue consists of what two types of cells?
  4. These neurons act as sensory receptors that detect touch, pressure, pain and temperature
  5. What do the ependymal cells line and produce?
  1. a neurons and neuroglia
  2. b line the ventricles of the brain and produce cerebrospinal fluid
  3. c unipolar neurons
  4. d response to input/integration by activating effectors
  5. e action potenital

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  1. neurotransmitters, hormones, and particular ions
  2. its permeability to Na+
  3. detect internal and external changes
  4. metabotropic receptor
  5. dendrites

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  1. A bundle of axons in the PNSganglion


  2. The production of graded potentials and action potentials depend on what two basic features?resting membrane potential
    presence of ion channels


  3. What are the three ways to remove a neurotransmitter?diffusion
    enzymatic degradation
    uptake by cells


  4. What are the two types of neurotransmitters?leakage, ligand-gated, mechanically-gated, and voltage-gated


  5. What are the four types of ion channels?leakage, ligand-gated, mechanically-gated, and voltage-gated


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