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  1. Microglia function as what?
  2. A group of fascicles is surrounded by?
  3. A stimulus that is just strong enough to depolarize the membrane
  4. What are effectors?
  5. Opens and closes in response to a specific chemical stimulus
  1. a phagocytes
  2. b epineurium
  3. c threshold stimulus
  4. d ligand-gated channels
  5. e muscles and glands

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  1. voltage-gated
  2. unipolar neurons
  3. "brain of the gut"
  4. efferent
  5. ionotropic receptor

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  1. The capability to change based on experienceplasticity


  2. What are the four types of neuroglia of the CNS?Schwann cells and satellite cells


  3. What are the factors that affect speed of propagation?leakage, ligand-gated, mechanically-gated, and voltage-gated


  4. What are oligodendrocytes responsible in forming?leakage, ligand-gated, mechanically-gated, and voltage-gated


  5. A multi-layered protein and lipid covering that insulates neuronsmyelin sheath


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