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  1. At a synapse between neurons, the neuron receiving the message is?
  2. The birth of new neurons from undifferentiated stem cells
  3. What does gray matter consist of?
  4. How are neurons classified?
  5. During this phase the membrane potential is restored to the resting state
  1. a the direction in which the nerve impulse is conveyed
  2. b cell bodies, dendrites, unmyelinated axons, axon terminals, and neuroglia
  3. c postsynaptic neuron
  4. d neurogenesis
  5. e repolarization

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  1. presynaptic neuron
  2. astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglia, and ependymal cells
  3. acetylcholine, amino acids, biogenic amines, ATP and other purines, and nitric oxide
  4. adenosine
  5. schwann cells in PNS
    oligodendrocytes in CNS

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  1. The ability to respond to a stimulus and convert it into an action potentialelectrical excitability


  2. A group of fascicles is surrounded by?epineurium


  3. These neurons act as sensory receptors that detect touch, pressure, pain and temperaturemechanically-gated channels


  4. Sensory neurons are also known as?afferent


  5. A type of neurotransmitter receptor that contains a neurotransmitter binding site, but lacks an ion channel as part of its structureionotropic receptor


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