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  1. An action potential begins and travels due to the movement of what ions?
  2. What are the four types of ion channels?
  3. Give some examples of neuropeptides
  4. The small molecule neurotransmitters include?
  5. Most neurons in the brain and spinal cord are of what type?
  1. a acetylcholine, amino acids, biogenic amines, ATP and other purines, and nitric oxide
  2. b enkephalins, endorphins and dynorphins, substance P
  3. c leakage, ligand-gated, mechanically-gated, and voltage-gated
  4. d multipolar neurons
  5. e Na+(sodium) and K+(potassium)

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  1. processes sensory input by integrating and using perception
  2. schwann cells in PNS
    oligodendrocytes in CNS
  3. "brain of the gut"
  4. somatic nervous system(SNS)
    autonomic nervous system(ANS)
    enteric nervous system(ENS)
  5. refractory period

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  1. Causes relaxation of smooth musclevasodilation


  2. Propagates nerve impulses toward another neuron, muscle or glandaxon


  3. Opens and closes in response to a specific chemical stimulusligand-gated channels


  4. During this phase the negative membrane potential becomes less negativedepolarization


  5. The production of graded potentials and action potentials depend on what two basic features?Na+ gates close
    K+ flows out of the cell


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