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  1. Give some examples of neuropeptides
  2. What are oligodendrocytes responsible in forming?
  3. Explain the motor function
  4. The receiving/input portions of a neuron
  5. What happens when the action potential depolarizes?
  1. a forming and maintaining the myelin sheath
  2. b dendrites
  3. c Na+ rushes into the cell
  4. d enkephalins, endorphins and dynorphins, substance P
  5. e response to input/integration by activating effectors

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  1. action potenital
  2. perception
  3. excitatory: brings membrane closer to threshold
  4. afferent
  5. processes sensory input by integrating and using perception

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  1. Opens and closes in response to vibrations, touch, pressure, and tissue stretchingligand-gated channels


  2. During this phase the negative membrane potential becomes less negativerepolarization


  3. Voltage-gated channels are found in which axons of neurons?somatic nervous system(SNS)
    autonomic nervous system(ANS)
    enteric nervous system(ENS)


  4. An electrical signal that propagates along the surface of the membrane of a neuronthreshold stimulus


  5. At a synapse between neurons, the neuron sending the signal is?presynaptic neuron


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