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  1. West Virginia
  2. dust
  3. Mississippi
  4. Utah
  5. Pennsylvania
  1. a Harrisburg, PA
  2. b Jackson, MS
  3. c to lightly sprinkle with a substance such as sugar or flour
  4. d Charleston, WV
  5. e Salt Lake City, UT

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  1. to remove the bones from a piece of meat
  2. Frankfort, KY
  3. Albany, NY
  4. to beat a substance, such as butter or sugar until it is smooth and fluffy
  5. Tallahassee, FL

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  1. marinateAnnapolis, MD


  2. diceAugusta, ME


  3. Rhode IslandProvidence, RI


  4. TennesseeNashville, TN


  5. IdahoBoise, ID


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