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  1. the ratio (fraction) of the genotypes that appear in offspring
  2. a cross between individuals that involves one pair of contrasting traits
  3. describes the allele that is fully expressed when carried by only one of a pair of homologous chromosomes (brown eyes)
  4. a condition in which a trait in an individual is intermediate between the phenotype of the individual's two parents because the dominant allele is unable to express itself fully (different dominance)
  5. one of the alternative forms of a gene that governs a characteristic, such as hair color (genes occur in pairs-two letters, each letter is an allele)
  6. describes organisms or genotypes that are homozygous for a specific trait and thus always produce offspring that have the same phenotype for that trait (always produces offspring with the same trait)

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  1. F2 Generationthe second generation of offspring, obtained from an experimental cross of two organisms; the offspring of the F1 generation


  2. Phenotypic ratiothe ratio of phenotypes produced by a cross


  3. Punnett Squarea graphic used to predict the results of a genetic cross (predict the offspring)


  4. Phenotypethe entire genetic makeup of an organism; also the combination of genes for one or more specific traits (uses letters in problems)


  5. Genotypean organism's appearance or other detectable characteristic that results from the organism's genotype and the environment


  6. P Generationparental generation, the first two individuals that mate in a genetic cross (parents)


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