APUSH Terms Chapter 11

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African Methodist Episcopal Church

Founded in 1816 as the first independent black-run Protestant church in the United States.

David Walker

Published Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World, which told slaves to take up arms against their masters.

Denmark Vesey

A free black man who was responsible for planning a conspiracy to sieze local armories, arm the slave population, and take possession of Charleston, South Carolina.

Gabriel Prosser

An educated slave that planned to lead a large slave rebellion in Richmond around 1800.

Harriet Tubman

Escaped slavery and went back through the underground railroad to rescue another seventy slaves.

Hinton R. Helper

Wrote the book The Impending Crisis of the South in 1857 which was an appeal to non-slaveholders to resist the planter regime.


Proslavery editor who suggested that the South should build up its economy by supporting its industries, commerce, and shipping.

King cotton

Cotton was king in America as 3/4 of the world's cotton came from the United States and over 1/2 of the Union's exports were cotton.

Nat Turner

A black preacher who led a slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia. The rebellion lasted only forty-eight hours but killed sixty white people.

North Star

Symbol of hope to slaves


Hired by the landowners to extract as much profit as possible from the slaves.

Perpetual children

African American slaves were considered hopeless by the white population who claimed that they were children in need of guidance.

Reverend Richard Allen

Founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Second Seminole War

United Indians and African Americans. Some blacks lived with the Indians at the war's end.

Underground railroad

An informal network of sympathetic free blacks and a few whites who helped fugitives make their way North.

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