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  1. Independent executive agencies are

    A. organizations that are under the direct control of Congress
    B. organizations that answer directly to the Supreme Court
    C. organizations that are not located within a department but report directly to the president, who appoints their chief officials
    D. have little interaction with the federal government
  2. A pocket veto

    A. can be used by a president only once during his term in office
    B. can only be used when Congress adjourns for the session within ten days of the bill being submitted to the President
    C. means that the legislation cannot be reintroduced in the next Congress
    D. was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1936
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  2. b C

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  1. If the Electoral College fails to give any presidential candidate a majority, the election of the president is determined by

    A. the Senate
    B. the House
    C. a second ballot in the Electoral College between the top two contenders
    D. a run-off election between the top two candidates


  2. Congr4ess purposefully passes vague laws

    A. because they can't do any better
    B. in order to avoid the wrath of the voters
    C. due to their lack of technical expertise
    D. in order to comply with the Taft-Hartley bill


  3. The members of the cabinet

    A. Are an informal group of presidential advisors
    B. Are limited to the heads of the fifteen executive departments
    C. Include the heads of the 15 executive departments plus other top officials chosen by the president
    D. include the heads of the 15 executive departments plus the heads of the EPA, CIA, and FBI


  4. Andrew Jackson became president in 1829 and due to the bureaucracy's attitude towards his party,

    A. fired more federal officials than all his predecessors combined
    B. Retained virtually all federal officials
    C. Decreed that, in the future, only Democrats could be hired
    D. Decreed that, in the future, only Whigs could be hired


  5. Privatization is

    A. the use of lower level enlisted people as front line troops
    B. the replacement of government services with services provided by private firms
    C. the use private capital to pay for exorbitant costs for government equipment
    D. the extension of the law to protect private information of citizens


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