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  1. The granting of release from the punishment for a crime is called

    A. a reprieve
    B. a congressional sanction
    C. a pardon
    D. executive privilege
  2. "One person, one vote"

    A. Means that U.S. House districts must be of equal population to each other
    B. Means that state legislative districts must be of equal population to each other
    C. Means that U.S. Senate districts must be of equal population to each other
    D. Both a and b
  3. Gerrymandering is

    A. Legislation passed in southern states to limit African American participation in elections
    B. The drawing of legislative district boundary lines for the purpose of obtaining partisan advantage
    C. An attempt to prevent the passage of a bill through the use of unlimited debate
    D. A process that attempts to limit debate on a bill in the Senate
  1. a D
  2. b B
  3. c C

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  1. C
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. D

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  1. Most people who study the decision-making process in Congress agree that the single best predictor for how a member will vote is his or her

    A. party affiliation
    B. affiliation with organized interest groups
    C. length of time in Congress
    D. age


  2. The principal function of any legislature is

    A. carrying out the law
    B. lawmaking
    C. checking the power of the judicial branch
    D. oversight


  3. A veto is

    A.usually used to punish members of the president's party who disagree with him
    B. more likely when the president's party controls Congress
    C. a clear-cut indication of the president's dissatisfaction with legislation
    D. likely to be overriden about half the time


  4. The Speaker of the House

    A. Is a symbolic position that does not provide power to make decisions
    B. Is picked by the president
    C. Has to perform duties in a non-partisan fashion
    D. Is the leader of the majority party in the House


  5. The public education function of Congress is carried out by all of the following except:

    A. holding hearings
    B. setting the public policy agenda
    C. oversight
    D. casework


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