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  1. "Money bills"

    A. must originate in the Senate
    B. must originate in the House
    C. must originate in conference committee
    D. must originate with the president
  2. Independent executive agencies are

    A. organizations that are under the direct control of Congress
    B. organizations that answer directly to the Supreme Court
    C. organizations that are not located within a department but report directly to the president, who appoints their chief officials
    D. have little interaction with the federal government
  1. a C
  2. b B

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  1. Most of the actual work of legislating is

    A. performed by interest groups and then acted on by Congress
    B. accomplished in state legislatures and then acted on by Congress
    C. performed by the president and then accepted routinely by Congress
    D. performed by the committees and subcommittees within Congress


  2. The concept of logrolling refers to

    A. action taken by a senator that attempts to prevent a bill from passing in the Senate
    B. a method that is used to keep one bill on the floor for an extended period of time, thus blocking all legislation
    C. an arrangement by which two or more members of Congress agree in advance to support each other's bills
    D. a method that the president uses when he wants to prevent the passage of legislation


  3. Congr4ess purposefully passes vague laws

    A. because they can't do any better
    B. in order to avoid the wrath of the voters
    C. due to their lack of technical expertise
    D. in order to comply with the Taft-Hartley bill


  4. To be elected president one must receive a

    A. simple majority of the popular vote
    B. simple majority of the electoral vote
    C. plurality of the popular vote
    D. plurality of the electoral vote


  5. The most important committees are the

    A. joint-resolution committees
    B. special House and Senate investigative committees
    C. legislative-executive committees
    D. standing committees


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