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  1. repressor
  2. amniocentesis
  3. chorionic villi sampling
  4. nondisjunction
  5. enhancers
  1. a when an entire homologous pair and one homologue are pulled in Anaphase I of meiosis; result is that one cell has 3 chromatids
  2. b "turns off" a gene; binds to operator
  3. c sampling cells of the chorion to retrieve fetal cells
  4. d sampling amount of amniotic fluid to retrieve fetal cells
  5. e bind to activators

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  1. molecular transporters; analogous to tRNA
  2. molecular finders
  3. when part of genetic material is deleted and lost
  4. genes that code for proteins that regulate cell division
  5. protein that binds to the enhancer+stimulates transcription

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  1. transcription factorsoccurs between non-homologus chromosomes; large amounts of DNA being moved


  2. lactosesubstrate for prokaryotic cells; activates the repressor, changes shape of repressor


  3. locusplace on chromosome where gene is found


  4. polymerase chain reactions (PCR)proteins that assist the binding of RNA polymerase


  5. translocationwhen nucleotides are inserted into DNA


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