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  1. lac operon
  2. allele
  3. deletion (large changes of DNA)
  4. promoter
  5. chorionic villi sampling
  1. a variation of a gene
  2. b site where RNA polymerase binds to chromosome
  3. c when part of genetic material is deleted and lost
  4. d sampling cells of the chorion to retrieve fetal cells
  5. e has info that is needed to digest lactose

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  1. makes protein that prevents transcription of lactose
  2. protein that binds to the enhancer+stimulates transcription
  3. one or more bases removed from strand
  4. when an entire homologous pair and one homologue are pulled in Anaphase I of meiosis; result is that one cell has 3 chromatids
  5. chromatin that can be transcribed

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  1. inversionwhen part of DNA is flipped 180° in a chromosome


  2. frameshiftresult of insertion/deletion; change each amino acid produced


  3. lactosehooks fragments of DNA together


  4. insertionwhen nucleotides are inserted into DNA


  5. transcription factorsproteins that assist the binding of RNA polymerase


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