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  1. translocation
  2. chorionic villi sampling
  3. substrate
  4. sex chromosomes
  5. frameshift
  1. a occurs between non-homologus chromosomes; large amounts of DNA being moved
  2. b sampling cells of the chorion to retrieve fetal cells
  3. c result of insertion/deletion; change each amino acid produced
  4. d 1 pair in many animal genomes
  5. e molecule an enzyme acts on

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  1. site where RNA polymerase binds to chromosome
  2. when part of genetic material is deleted and lost
  3. process of looking for coding vs. non-coding DNA
  4. site where repressor binds to chromosome; blocks transcription
  5. sequence of codons that will be translated

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  1. tailpoly(A) at 3' end of mRNA


  2. homeoboxmolecular finders


  3. insertionwhen nucleotides are inserted into DNA


  4. amniocentesissampling amount of amniotic fluid to retrieve fetal cells


  5. pre-mRNARNA that is made in transcription; will be processed before it leaves nucleus


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