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  1. tumor-suppressor genes
  2. pre-mRNA
  3. polymerase chain reactions (PCR)
  4. promoter
  5. homeotic gene
  1. a site where RNA polymerase binds to chromosome
  2. b RNA that is made in transcription; will be processed before it leaves nucleus
  3. c way to amplify source of DNA
  4. d gene expression that is controlled by other genes
  5. e genes that code for proteins that suppress cell division

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  1. molecular transporters; analogous to tRNA
  2. when part of DNA is flipped 180° in a chromosome
  3. bind to activators
  4. protein that binds to the enhancer+stimulates transcription
  5. sequence of codons that won't be translated; will be removed

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  1. Thomas Hunt Morganstudied fruit flys; rediscovered Mendel's work


  2. alleleseparation of nucleotide bases (triplet code) that codes for a particular polypeptide


  3. tailat 5' end of mRNA


  4. sex chromosomes1 pair in many animal genomes


  5. probemolecular finders


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