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  1. gel electrophoresis
  2. probe
  3. polymerase chain reactions (PCR)
  4. tail
  5. length polymorphisms (variable number tandem repeats)
  1. a molecular finders
  2. b process that separates DNA into different lengths; smaller segments travel faster than larger segments
  3. c way to amplify source of DNA
  4. d poly(A) at 3' end of mRNA
  5. e process of looking for coding vs. non-coding DNA

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  1. chromatin that can be transcribed
  2. at 5' end of mRNA
  3. molecule an enzyme acts on
  4. has info that is needed to digest lactose
  5. when an entire homologous pair and one homologue are pulled in Anaphase I of meiosis; result is that one cell has 3 chromatids

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  1. frameshiftresult of insertion/deletion; change each amino acid produced


  2. locussequence of codons that will be translated


  3. substitutionmolecule an enzyme acts on


  4. deletion (large changes of DNA)when part of genetic material is deleted and lost


  5. tumor-suppressor genes"turns off" a gene; binds to operator


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