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  1. two types of cholinergic receptors
  2. adrenergic receptor
  3. agonist
  4. paravertebral ganglia
  5. antagonist
  1. a receptor located on effector organs of sympathetic nervous system that responds to norepinephrine
  2. b directly activates receptors
  3. c muscarinic and nicotinic
  4. d ..., Also known as sympathetic chain ganglia, form a chain that runs along side the vertebral column
  5. e prevents receptor activation

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  1. sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  2. the effects of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity are complementary rather than opposite, i.e. erectile activity is regulated by the parasympathetics, whereas ejaculation is regulated by the sympathetics
  3. the neurons of the sympathetic nervous system leave the spinal cord at the thoracic and lumbar levels
  4. the axon of neuron 1 leaves the CNS and extends to the ganglion where it synapses on neuron 2
  5. a fiber that secretes ACh as its neurotransmitter (preganglionic and postgangionic parasympathetic)

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  1. muscarinic receptorsare located in both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and outside the ANS


  2. craniosacral outflowparasympathetic nerous system


  3. two types of adrenergic receptorsalpha- and beta-


  4. vasomotor tonesympathetically induced continuous state blood vessel constriction


  5. sympathetic nervous system"fight or flight"; is activated during periods of stress or times when a person feels threatened in some way


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