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  1. Vertex
  2. Right Triangle
  3. Supplementary angle
  4. Rectangle
  5. Equilateral
  1. a A parallelogram with opposite sides that are congruent and it has 4 right angles
  2. b There is one right angle
  3. c When the sum of the measures of a pair of angles add up to 180°
  4. d The common end of the rays that make up an angle.
  5. e All sides are congruent

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  1. A parallelogram with all sides congruent
  2. A specific part of a line that starts at one point and extends in the other direction without end.
  3. A plane close figure
  4. A polygon where you can draw a line segment between any two points and it remains inside the figure
  5. An exact location in space

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  1. Skew LinesA straight pathway of points that extend in both directions without end


  2. ParallelogramLines that never intersect


  3. Isosceles TriangleALL angles are acute


  4. Congruent FiguresMeans something is equal.


  5. ScaleneNo sides are congruent


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