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  1. Hue
  2. Color Depth
  3. Color Model
  4. Neutral Color Scheme
  5. Monochromatic color scheme
  1. a How color is represented by bits of data
    Used in computer games and image compression (GIFs)
  2. b The place of a color on the visible spectrum; the "name" colors: red, blue, yellow, etc
  3. c One color and its full range of tints, shades and tones or scheme
  4. d Colors not found in the color wheel, such as brown, beige, grey, black, white
  5. e Systems for describing and categorizing color

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  1. Colors not found in the color wheel plus one or more small doses of other colors.
  2. a mixture of a hue with white
  3. a mixture of a hue with black
  4. The intensity of hue; the amount of chroma in the color (how much color is in the color)
  5. A color scheme in which 3 colors of equidistant distribution on the color wheel are used. Example: Green, Orange and Violet. Or, Red, Blue and Yellow.

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  1. RGB Image Format24 bits : 8 bits each of Red, Green and Blue
    Approximately 16 million color combinations possible


  2. Secondary ColorsThe colors created by mixing 2 of the primary colors. Red + Yellow = Orange, Yellow + Blue = Green, Blue + Red = Violet


  3. Additive Color Modelthe eye receives the sum of light energies gathered in one place


  4. Analogousare colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel


  5. ROY G. BVhow light or dark the hue is


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