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  1. sarcocystis neurona
  2. oxyuris equi
  3. parascaris equorum
  4. EPM
  5. cyathostomes
  1. a equine pinworm.
  2. b a parasite which invades the spinal cord and causes a disease called equine protozoal myeloencephalitis.
  3. c quest gel dewormer has been shown to be effective against encyted small strongyles.
  4. d ingest larvated ova. Ova hatches and migrates to the liver, heart and lungs. Coughed up then swallowed as mature adult.
  5. e causes CNS signs such as ataxia, weakness, stumbling, etc. Has a complex poorly understood life cycle.

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  1. adults can cause non specific enteritis. Can cause myositis, fever and myocarditis and possible death if untreated. Proper cooking of meat eliminates the risk of infection.
  2. best to deworm after the first frost in the fall when adults are dead.
  3. treat pigs with ivomec.
  4. females produce a large number of eggs that are very resistant to environmental conditions. Adults live in small intestines. Penetrate gut and travel thru blood to lungs and enter airways. Coughed up and swallowed into the gut where they become adults.
  5. neck threadworm.

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  1. equine licetreat pigs with ivomec.


  2. biting licehematopinus asini.


  3. onchocerca cervicalisdiagnosed by a skin biopsy.


  4. large strongylesadults are medium sized with a ring of teeth around front edge of mouth. Often reddish brown due to ingestion of blood. Ova have thin smooth shell containing clump of cells when passed in feces.


  5. anaplocephalaanaplocephala/paranaplocephala


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