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  1. an electron field that enters an electrostatic field and travels in the same direction as the lines of force will react in what way?
  2. each filed fo a raster scan CRT is made up of approximately how many lines?
  3. for multitrack tape, what is the range of common recording densities in bits/bytes per inch?
  4. in a monopulse scanning system, which of the following feedhorn signal combinations makes up the bearing signal?
  5. in a non degenerative parametric amplifier, how does the pump frequency compare to the input signal frequency?
  1. a (A+C) - (B+D)
  2. b 200-6250
  3. c it will decelerate and give up energy to the field
  4. d 525
  5. e it is more than double input

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  1. 3 inches to 4 feet
  2. 1.71 times diameter or 1.17 times "a" dimension
  3. source data
  4. 3600 rpm
  5. type of packaging

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  1. in a reflex klystron, the length of time a constant speed electron remains in the space seperating the grid and repeller is determined by which of the following factors?repeller voltage


  2. flexible computers that are byte oriented can operate in either a fixed or variable word length mode by which of the following techniques?fixed word length


  3. how many fundamental and discrete steps are involved in solving a problem on a computer?four


  4. to send commands to devices not under direct command of the control section, what type of instructions are used?control


  5. oscillations in an echo box are indications ofa normally operating transmitter


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