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  1. the usual range of rotational speed for floppy disks is what?
  2. mnemonic instruction codes and symbolic addresses were developed early in what decade?
  3. flexible computers that are byte oriented can operate in either a fixed or variable word length mode by which of the following techniques?
  4. what storage area accepts and holds data to be processed?
  5. a floppy disk will accept what relative humidity range?
  1. a 1950s
  2. b proper program instructions
  3. c 10% to 80%
  4. d 300-400 rpm
  5. e input

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  1. instructions
  2. 525
  3. 20 million to 150,000 million
  4. character addressable
  5. slant range

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  1. what are the most common tape densities in bits/bytes per inch?800 and 1600


  2. what is an indicaiton of high VSWR?600-6000 rpm


  3. how many fundamental and discrete steps are involved in solving a problem on a computer?four


  4. to send commands to devices not under direct command of the control section, what type of instructions are used?RAM


  5. what year did electronics enter the computing scene?1919


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