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  1. of the following target parameters, which would most likely be displayed on all radar sets?
  2. to physically organize data on diskettes, what method is used?
  3. what is the storage capacity range of magnetic drums in characters or bytes of data?
  4. what does the acronym COBOL stand for?
  5. what is an indicaiton of high VSWR?
  1. a common business oriented language
  2. b sector
  3. c arcing, hot spots, excessive reflections
  4. d 20 million to 150,000 million
  5. e slant range

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  1. 200-6250
  2. 10% to 80%
  3. proper program instructions
  4. RAM
  5. desk checking

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  1. the lengths of magnetic tapes used with computer have what range?pressure


  2. the first part of a computer instruction, which answers the question what, is known by which of the following terms?20 minutes


  3. the second specific part of the predicate in a computer instruction, known as the operand, in general asks what question?where


  4. what is the maximum life insurance coverage under SGLI?600-6000 rpm


  5. which of the following reflectors has a focal line instead of a focal point?type of packaging


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