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  1. the preliminary inquiry officer completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7?
  2. sort-merge programs usually have which of the following characterisitics?
  3. the report and disposition of offenses, NAVPERS 1626/7, contains all of the following information except
  4. different word lengths, such as half word, full word and double word are possible with what type of computer?
  5. what is the size range of the diameters of magnetic disks?
  1. a phases
  2. b byte addressable
  3. c pre mast advice
  4. d 3 inches to 4 feet
  5. e E

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  1. a normally operating transmitter
  2. where
  3. it is more than double input
  4. the middle cavity
  5. 600-6000 rpm

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  1. the usual range of rotational speed for floppy disks is what?300-400 rpm


  2. numeric, alphabetic, and special characters are represented in a computers internal storage and on magnetic media through the use of what system?coding


  3. what is the maximum life insurance coverage under SGLI?200,000


  4. to kill any parasites on scavanger birds, you should boil the birds for what minimum length of time?20 minutes


  5. there are how many authorized categories of allotments?5


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