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  1. which of the following publications outlines the command safety program and safety organization?
  2. the usual range of rotational speed for floppy disks is what?
  3. in a 3 cavity klystron, what cavity, if any, contributes most to the velocity modulation of the electron beam?
  4. the air control panel is designed to regulate
  5. if a frequency is decreased, what change, if any, will be required in the dimensions of the bus bar?
  1. a decrease in dimensions
  2. b the middle cavity
  3. c pressure
  4. d 300-400 rpm
  5. e SORM OPNAV 3120.32

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  1. RAM
  2. arcing, hot spots, excessive reflections
  3. four
  4. 200-6250
  5. input

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  1. different word lengths, such as half word, full word and double word are possible with what type of computer?input


  2. in computer terminology, what is called a file?600-6000 rpm


  3. in a non degenerative parametric amplifier, how does the pump frequency compare to the input signal frequency?it is more than double input


  4. a floppy disk will accept what relative humidity range?10% to 80%


  5. the preliminary inquiry officer completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7?sector


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