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  1. the operation of an electrolumiscent display requires what total numbe of volts?
  2. what does the acronym COBOL stand for?
  3. sort-merge programs usually have which of the following characterisitics?
  4. which of the following publications outlines the command safety program and safety organization?
  5. the usual range of rotational speed for floppy disks is what?
  1. a 20
  2. b SORM OPNAV 3120.32
  3. c common business oriented language
  4. d 300-400 rpm
  5. e phases

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  1. type of packaging
  2. 1950
  3. 200-6250
  4. desk checking
  5. input

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  1. in a non degenerative parametric amplifier, how does the pump frequency compare to the input signal frequency?it is more than double input


  2. different word lengths, such as half word, full word and double word are possible with what type of computer?input


  3. computers that are built to retrieve, manipulate, and store a fixed number of characters in each address are said to be which of the following types of computers?proper program instructions


  4. each filed fo a raster scan CRT is made up of approximately how many lines?30


  5. in computer terminology, what is called a file?a collection of records


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