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  1. the report and disposition of offenses, NAVPERS 1626/7, contains all of the following information except
  2. what is the storage capacity range of magnetic drums in characters or bytes of data?
  3. which of the following reflectors has a focal line instead of a focal point?
  4. in a frequency sensitive antenna, the physical length of the serpentine section and its relationship to the wavelength of the applied energy determines which of the following characteristics?
  5. an electron field that enters an electrostatic field and travels in the same direction as the lines of force will react in what way?
  1. a direction of the beam
  2. b cylindrical
  3. c pre mast advice
  4. d it will decelerate and give up energy to the field
  5. e 20 million to 150,000 million

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  1. a collection of records
  2. proper program instructions
  3. decrease in dimensions
  4. type of packaging
  5. 30

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  1. different word lengths, such as half word, full word and double word are possible with what type of computer?input


  2. what year did electronics enter the computing scene?1919


  3. the first part of a computer instruction, which answers the question what, is known by which of the following terms?command or operation


  4. information concerning equal opportunity contained in command records may not be obtained through which of the following methods?input


  5. sort-merge programs usually have which of the following characterisitics?prevents full amplification of nearby targets and permits full amplification of distant targets


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