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  1. Draconian
  2. Travesty
  3. Sangfroid
  4. Nemesis
  5. Saturnine
  1. a the ability to stay cool in difficult circumstance
  2. b unusually severe or cruel
  3. c melancholoy; gloomy, slow to change
  4. d a mockery, that is a grossly inferior imitation
  5. e a formidable opponent that one cannot seem to overcome

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  1. whit; a small amount
  2. enormous size or power
  3. extremely dark and gloomy
  4. a quick come-back
  5. an actor or actress (usually in serious theater)

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  1. Baachanalcharacterized by a rapid, changeable mood. quick--witted


  2. Raconteura quick come-back


  3. Quixoticanything meant to assist with memory


  4. Malapropismhumorous misuse of a word


  5. Juntaenormous size or power


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