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  1. Solon
  2. Promethean
  3. Cynosure
  4. Baachanal
  5. Hyperbole
  1. a boldly original and creative; life-giving
  2. b something that attracts the eye, the center of attention
  3. c wild, dunken revelry; orgy
  4. d a wise lawgiver or legislator
  5. e exaggeration

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  1. anything meant to assist with memory
  2. enormous size or power
  3. whit; a small amount
  4. to criticize in an amusing way
  5. heavenly; celestial

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  1. Anecdotea relaxing of tension


  2. Tautologythe needless repetition of words or ideas


  3. Avant-Gardesomething that attracts the eye, the center of attention


  4. Detentea sudden failure


  5. Mercurialheavenly; celestial


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