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  1. Tautology
  2. Promethean
  3. Salvo
  4. Inflection
  5. Junta
  1. a gunfire or other artillery discharged in succession
  2. b change in pitch, tone, or volume of a voice
  3. c boldly original and creative; life-giving
  4. d the needless repetition of words or ideas
  5. e a military group ruling a country after seizing power

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  1. radically new, innovative
  2. whit; a small amount
  3. exaggeration
  4. a formidable opponent that one cannot seem to overcome
  5. to speak rapidly and foolishly

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  1. Entrepreneurheavenly; celestial


  2. Double Entendrean expression with more than one interpretation


  3. Stygianenormous size or power


  4. Solona wise lawgiver or legislator


  5. Cupiditya mockery, that is a grossly inferior imitation


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