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  1. Extrapolate
  2. Raconteur
  3. Ennui
  4. Cynosure
  5. Promethean
  1. a something that attracts the eye, the center of attention
  2. b boldly original and creative; life-giving
  3. c a skilled storyteller
  4. d to infer
  5. e dissatisfaction as a result of boredom

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  1. change in pitch, tone, or volume of a voice
  2. characterized by a rapid, changeable mood. quick--witted
  3. unusually severe or cruel
  4. radically new, innovative
  5. a sudden failure

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  1. Thespianan actor or actress (usually in serious theater)


  2. Malapropismthe ability to stay cool in difficult circumstance


  3. Nemesisanything meant to assist with memory


  4. Garrulouspointlessly and annoyingly talkative


  5. Soupconwhit; a small amount


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