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  1. Garrulous
  2. Lampoon
  3. Somnolent
  4. Ethereal
  5. Stygian
  1. a drowsy; sleepy
  2. b heavenly; celestial
  3. c extremely dark and gloomy
  4. d pointlessly and annoyingly talkative
  5. e to criticize in an amusing way

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  1. a short, witty expression with a lot of meaning
  2. idealistic; impractical
  3. a wise lawgiver or legislator
  4. a skilled storyteller
  5. a quick come-back

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  1. Baachanalwild, dunken revelry; orgy


  2. Salvogunfire or other artillery discharged in succession


  3. Thespianan actor or actress (usually in serious theater)


  4. Juntaa military group ruling a country after seizing power


  5. Narcissismvanity


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