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  1. Organic
  2. MyPyramid
  3. Low-Density Lipoprotein
  4. Automatic Nervous System
  5. Eustress
  1. a A lipoprotein containing a moderate amount of protein and a large amount of cholesterol; "bad" cholesterol. LDL
  2. b Stress resulting from a pleasant stressor.
  3. c The branch of the nervous system that controls basic body processes, consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions.
  4. d A food-group that provides practical advice to ensure a balanced intake of the essential nutrients.
  5. e A designation applied to foods grown and produced according to strict guidelines limiting the use of pesticides, nonorganic ingredients, hormones, antibiotics, genetic engineering, irradiation, and other practices.

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  1. A naturally occurring substance found in plant foods that may help prevent and treat chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. (phyto = plant)
  2. A measure of how the ingestion of a particular food affects blood glucose levels.
  3. The process of breaking down foods in the gastrointestinal tract into compounds the body can absorb.
  4. Damage to, or death of, heart muscle, resulting from a failure of the coronary arteries to deliver enough blood to the heart
  5. An essential nutrient required by the body in minute amount.

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  1. Lacto-Ovo-VegetarianA vegetarian who includes eggs, dairy products, and small amounts of poultry and seafood in the diet.


  2. ArrhythmiaA deficiency in the oxygen-carrying material in the red blood cells.


  3. Congestive Heart FailureNon digestible carbohydrates and lignin that are intact in plants.


  4. Free RadicalUnrealistic Self Image.


  5. DysmorphiaUnrealistic Self Image.


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