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  1. avarice
  2. torpid
  3. resuscitate
  4. nebulous
  5. slovenly
  1. a (adj) cloudlike, resembling a cloud; cloudy in color, not transparent; vague, confused, indistinct
  2. b (adj) untidy, dirty, careless
  3. c (adj) inactive, sluggish, dull
  4. d (n) a greedy desire, particularly for wealth
  5. e (v) to revive, bring back to consciousness or existence

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  1. (n) one who is just a beginner at some activity requiring skill and experience
  2. (n) something that is assumed or taken for granted without conclusive evidence
  3. (n) praise or flattery that is excessive
  4. (adj) done for show, striving to make a big impression; claiming merit or position unjustifiably; making demands on one's skill or abilities, ambitious
  5. (v) to make less in amount, degree, etc.; to subside, become less; to nullify; to deduct, omit

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  1. penury(n) extreme poverty; barrenness, insufficiency


  2. dilatory(adj) tending to delay or procrastinate, not prompt; intended to delay or postpone


  3. equivocate(v) to revive, bring back to consciousness or existence


  4. evanescent(adj) vanishing, soon passing away; light and airy


  5. irresolute(adj) shrewd, crafty, showing practical wisdom


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