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  1. Considered the Father of the Factory System, Slater was a skilled British mechanic who escaped to America w/ plans for a machine that would spin cotton. He had memorized the plans to his machine because the British Gov't would not let any machine leave the country. The machine he built in 1793 upon arriving in RI was called the Spinning Jenny.
  2. This mail service was established to carry mail from St. Joseph, MI to Sacramento, CA (2,000 miles) in 10 days. Morse's telegraph outdid the PonyExpress si the Express was closed down in 1861.
  3. In 1793, Whitney invented his famous cotton gin, a machine that would separate the seed from the short-staple cotton fiber. He also influenced mass production by coming up with interchangeable parts for guns.
  4. Along with Isaac Singer, h invented the sewing machine in 1846. It was a labor-saving device for women.

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  1. Baltimore & Ohio RailroadFirst railroad in the US it stretched from Baltimore, MD to Ohio.


  2. Clipper ShipWas a sailing ship desgined by Donald McKay, It could outrun any steamer with its towering masts and sails.


  3. Erie CanalThis canal connected the Great Lakes with the Hudson River. The construction was led by Govenor DeWitt Clinton. This marked the beginning of the "canal building craze."


  4. Robert FultonIn 1807, Robert Fulton's boat, Clermont, was successfully tested on the Hudson River. It was the first vessel powered by a steam engine.


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