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  1. Proven Reserve
  2. Photovoltaic Cell
  3. Ferrous
  4. Ozone
  5. Active Solar Energy Systems
  1. a Metals that are utilized in the production of iron and steel.
  2. b Energy that collects energy through the use of mechanical devices like photovotaic cells or flat-plate collectors
  3. c Mechanism that collects solar rays to generate electricity.
  4. d The amount of a resource remaining in discovered deposits.
  5. e Source of energy that is finite and capable of being exhausted.

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  1. Nuclear power plant that creates its own fuel from plutonium.
  2. Energy source formed from residue of plants and animals buried millions of years ago.
  3. Energy source that derives from plant material and animal waste.
  4. Power supplied by machines.
  5. Metals utilized to make products other than iron and steel

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  1. RecyclingSubstance in the environment that is useful to people, is economically and technologically feasible to access, and is socially acceptable to use.


  2. ChlorofluorocarbonGas used as a propellant in aerosols, solvent, a refrigerant, etc.


  3. Renewable EnergyResource that has a theoretically unlimited supply and is not depleted when used by humans.


  4. PreservationSustainable use and management of a natural resource through consuming at a less rapid rate than it can be replaced.


  5. Geothermal EnergyEnergy from steam or hot water produced from hot or molten underground rocks.


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