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  1. Vamos.
  2. Juan, Pablo y María van.
  3. Ustedes van.
  4. Ellas van.
  5. El gato va.
  1. a The cat goes. (masculine)
  2. b Juan, Pablo and Maria go.
  3. c We do go. (subject understood)
  4. d You go. (plural)
  5. e They are going. (feminine subject)

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  1. He does go.
  2. Juan and I go.
  3. You and I go. (familiar)
  4. Maria, Juan and I go.,
  5. You all are going. (plural)

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  1. La gata va.The cat goes. (masculine)


  2. Ustedes van.You are going. (plural)


  3. Él y yo vamos.He and I are going.


  4. Vas.I do go. (subject understood)


  5. Ustedes van.You do go. (plural)


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