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z Ir - present tense Test

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  1. Juan y yo vamos.
  2. Juan va.
  3. Ella va.
  4. Él va.
  5. María, usted y yo vamos.
  1. a She is going.
  2. b He does go.
  3. c Juan and I do go.
  4. d Juan goes.
  5. e Maria, you and I go.

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. She and I are going.
  2. She and I go.
  3. You are going. (familiar, subject EMPHASIZED)
  4. They are going.
  5. I do go. (subject EMPHASIZED)

5 True/False Questions

  1. Ellos van.They do go. (feminine subject)


  2. Juan va.Juan does go.


  3. Él va.He is going.


  4. Tú vas.He does go.


  5. Ustedes van.You are going. (familiar, subject EMPHASIZED)


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