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As early as 3000 BC, Egyptian women wore braids or plaits decorated with which of the following?

shells,sequins, and gold beads

Hairstyling that does not alter the natural curl or coil patterns of hair is known as:

natural hairstyling

To avoid client misunderstanding and ensure a happy ending
to every natural hairstyling service, perform a thorough


During the consultation the stylist must pay special attention to the client's hair:


In terms of braiding and other natural hairstyling, the diameter of hair refers to whether the hair is

coarse, medium, or fine

With regard to the wave pattern or configuration, textured hair is defined as hair with a(n):

tight curl pattern

Brushes that are used for stimulating the scalp as well as removing dirt and lint from locks are

boar-bristle brushes

Which type of brush is good for releasing tangles, knots, and snarls in short, textured hair and long, straight

square paddle

Brushes that collapse when they encounter too much resistance in releasing tangles from hair are:


Brushes with widely spaced protective pins used on human hair extensions or to gently remove tangles from wet wavy or dry curly hair are:

vent brushes

To avoid scratching the scalp, the teeth on wide-toothed combs should have

long rounded tips

An excellent comb for design parting and opening and removing braids is a:

tail comb

Which tool is useful for lifting and separating textured hair?

pick with rounded teeth

The blow-dryer attachment that stretches and softens textured hair and loosens the curl pattern is a:

pick nozzle

These following implements or materials are needed for extensions.

hackle,drawing board, and extension fibers

A board of fine, upright nails that is used to comb or detangle human hair extensions or to blend colors is a:


A manufactured synthetic fiber used for hair extensions that is durable, soft, and less inclined to tangle than many other synthetics is:


Extension material that may cut or break the hair and melt with the application of excessive heat is:


A light, soft extension material that does not reflect light and gives the braid a matte finish is


An imported wool fiber available in black or brown with a matte finish that is used in hair extensions is:


A strong extension material that comes from the domestic ox found in the mountains of Tibet and central Asia is:


Hair that is best braided slightly damp or very lightly coated with a wax or pomade to make it more pliable is

straight, resistant hair

Blowdrying softens textured hair, stretches the hair shaft length, and:

elongates a wave pattern

The three-strand braid produced by overlapping the strands of hair on top of each other is the:


A simple two-strand braid in which the hair is picked up from the sides and added to strands as they are crossed over each other is the:


The terms single braids, box braids, or individual braids all refer to

free-hanging braids

Narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp are


The method of cornrows that look natural, last longer, and will not place excessive tension on the hairline is the:

feed-in method

Most braided styles are appropriate for

oval face shapes

The name for separate networks of curly, textured hair that have been intertwined and meshed together is:


The method of locking where portions of hair are placed between the palms of both hands and rolled in a clockwise or counterclockwise directions is:

palm roll

Step 5 in creating basic cornrows is:

divide the panel into three even strands

When testing synthetic hair or fibers by burning, the hair will either ball up, melt, or bum:

quickly with no odor

A disadvantage of human hair is the hair's reaction to:


Top-of-the line synthetic wigs that simulate protein-rich hair are made of:


Most human hair used commercially comes from:

India and Asia

Hair that is arranged so that the cuticles of all hair strands slope in the same direction is

turned hair

The artificial hair covering that completely conceals the client's hair is a:


The wig type recommended for a client with no hair or extremely thin hair is the:

cap wig

Capless wigs are more popular than cap wigs as they are considered ready-to-wear and:

less expensive

Human or artificial hair that is woven into long strips is called:


Wigs that most closely resembleactual human hair growth with flexibility at the roots are:


The least expensive wig option is

machine made

The head-shaped form used to secure a wig for fitting, styling, or coloring is a:


To achieve a natural look when cutting a wig, the ends should be:


When using heat on human hair wigs, the temperature setting on the styling tool should be


When styling a wig without a natural-looking hairline or a lace front, you should soften the hairline by:

backcombing around the hairline

To clean a wig, follow the manufacturer's directions and select a shampoo that is:


All synthetic hair colors used on wigs and hairpieces are standardized according to the hair color ring used by manufacturers, which contains:

70 colors

Prior to a full-color application to a wig or hairpiece, it is recommended to perform a(n):

strand test

Hairpieces that have openings at the base through which the client's hair is blended are:


A small wig used to cover the top or crown of the head is a:


Hair additions that are secured at the base of the client's natural hair to add length, volume, texture, or color are:


In the braid-and-sew method of hair extensions, the angle of the track determines:

how the hair will fall

The needle that is used to sew extensions onto a track should be:

straight or curved

A simple, quick stitch that can be used to secure the entire length of a weft to a track is the:

overcast stitch

The technique that involves attaching hair wefts or single strands with adhesive or glue is:


The method of attaching extensions to a client's own hair with a bonding material and heat from a special tool is:

fusion bonding

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