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  1. an-/a-
  2. magnitude
  3. bilateral
  4. Bipartisan
  5. vicarious
  1. a great size, importance
  2. b not, without, irregular (root)
  3. c of having two or more sides
  4. d supporting two parties
  5. e learning through another's experiences

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  1. articulate, expressive
  2. Time and Place
  3. capable of using two languages
  4. to be enough
  5. sticking together,an orderely relation, logically understandable

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  1. celeritydomain


  2. correlateto relate agree with something


  3. transmutationchange of one species to another


  4. MetaphorIndirect Comparison not using like or as


  5. ProtagonistHero, main person of a story


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