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  1. Dynamic Character
  2. Flat Character
  3. Dialogue
  4. eloquent
  5. Personification
  1. a Giving inanimate/animals human actions
  2. b A character that changes throughout the story.
  3. c Nationality, accent, dialect, personality, outlook
  4. d articulate, expressive
  5. e Character that is not fully developed

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  1. to put together ideas
  2. protest
  3. Indirect Comparison not using like or as
  4. children, offspring
  5. The author explicitly descibes the character

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  1. feigneddomain


  2. convulsiveto relate agree with something


  3. TranscribePassage from one place to another


  4. TransitPassage from one place to another


  5. anomalychildren, offspring


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