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  1. magnify
  2. magnificence
  3. External Conflict
  4. feigned
  5. Dialogue
  1. a Nationality, accent, dialect, personality, outlook
  2. b
    make greater, bigger
  3. c Character vs. Society,Character vs. Man, Character vs. Nature, Character vs. Supernatural
  4. d amazing
  5. e faked

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  1. king-like
  2. against, strong dislike
  3. protest
  4. temporary, brief

  5. to split into two

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  1. Agnosticbelief that the human mind cannot find god


  2. vicariousnoble, generous, forgiving


  3. TransitiveDescibing an action carried from a subject to a verb to an object


  4. Round CharacterA character that is thourougly developed


  5. MoodFeeling generated by words


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