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  1. Symbols
  2. apathy
  3. magnify
  4. Antagonist
  5. Direct Characterization
  1. a The author explicitly descibes the character
  2. b
    make greater, bigger
  3. c Works in opposition to the protagonist.
  4. d indifference
  5. e A thing representing another thing

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  1. understanding and entering into another's feelings
  2. extremely powerful especially in appetite
  3. Repeated starting sounds in a phrase.
  4. confused, annoyed, uncomfortable
  5. Descibing an action carried from a subject to a verb to an object

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  1. magnitudegreat size, importance


  2. com-cor-,col-with/together (root)


  3. correlatestubborn, unyielding


  4. insidioussinister


  5. feasiblefaked


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