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  1. Bloody Show
  2. Fetal attitude
  3. Nutritional requirements of a breastfeeding mom
  4. Duration
  5. 2nd Stage of Labor
  1. a measuring the contraction beginning to end
  2. b the relation of the fetal parts to one another
  3. c Expulsive stage- cervix 100% effaced and 10cm dialated to birth of baby.
    -involves postional changes of baby (descent, internal rotation, extension, external rotation, and expulsion)
    -uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure help expel baby
    -episiotomy/laceration/tear possible
  4. d Extra 300-500 calories, total of 2500-3000 cal.
    -8-10 glasses of water
  5. e pinkish tinged snot like mucus that slides out, a positive sign of labor

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  1. diamond shape, 2-3cm, closes around 18mths
    the meeting of the sagittal suture and lambdoidal suture
  2. letting up of a contraction
  3. systematic approach to determine fetal position and presentation
    -first- palpating abdomen-upper-head or buttocks
    -second-determining head or buttucks occupies fundus
    -3rd-determines fetal part just above the pelvic outlet
    -4th-palpating lower abdomen, locating cephaliac prominence or brow of fetus
  4. effacement and dialation of cervix, through uterine contractions
  5. Latent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated

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  1. 1st Stage of LaborDilating stage-period from first true labor contraction to complete dilation of cervix


  2. 3 Phases of behavior of new motherLatent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated


  3. Fetal presentationrelationship between a designated landmark on the presenting fetal part and the front, side or back of maternal pelvis


  4. Frequencythe building of a contraction


  5. SROM and AROMspontaneous rupture of membrane
    artificial rupture of membrane
    -assess time of rupture, amount, color and odor
    -possible infection, meconium in amniotic fluid


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