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  1. Factors that affect psychologic response to labor
  2. Premonitory or prodromal signs of labor
  3. 3rd Stage of Labor
  4. Anterior Fontenelle
  5. Acme
  1. a lightening, braxton hicks contraction, cervical changes, bloody show, rupture of membranes, increase energy levels, wt loss, diarrhea, nausea, vomitting
  2. b fear, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, joy, birth fantasies, social support
  3. c diamond shape, 2-3cm, closes around 18mths
    the meeting of the sagittal suture and lambdoidal suture
  4. d peak of a contraction
  5. e Pacenta stage- period from birth of baby through birth of placenta
    -placenta separates from uterine wall by uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure

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  1. position of baby's head in relation to the ischial spine.
    neg # is higher, pos # is lower(closer to coming out). 0 is even with spine
  2. gynecoid and anthropoid
    others are not: android-slow descent into pelvis
    plattypeloid-difficult descent thru midpelvis, head engages in transverse position
  3. irregular intermittant contractions, false labor, eventually goes away
  4. childbirth preparation, cultural acceptability response to pain, fatigue, previous experience, unfamiliar surroundings, anticipation and fear of pain
  5. breastfeeding does delay it but does not keep it from happening
    -if bottle feeding period can come around 6 weeks with ovulation happening before that

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  1. Decrementthe building of a contraction


  2. Nutritional requirements of a breastfeeding mom1)Nipple stimulation/emotional response to the infant occurs
    2)hypothalamus triggers release of oxytocin by the posterior pituatary gland
    3)Myoepithelial cells surrounding the acini(alveoli)cells contract
    4)Milk is ejected into the lactiferous sinuses
    5)Milk is available through nipple openings


  3. Posterior Fontenellediamond shape, 2-3cm, closes around 18mths
    the meeting of the sagittal suture and lambdoidal suture


  4. Engagementwhen the largest diameter of the presenting part reaches or pass thru the pelvic inlet


  5. Iron and babiesspontaneous rupture of membrane
    artificial rupture of membrane
    -assess time of rupture, amount, color and odor
    -possible infection, meconium in amniotic fluid


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