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  1. Rhogam
  2. Decrement
  3. Fetal presentation
  4. Acme
  5. Factors that affect psychologic response to labor
  1. a determined by fetal lie and by body part of the fetus that enters pelvic passage first
  2. b an IM injection given to mothers who have babies that have opposite Rh factor than themselves.
    -it's an immune gamma gobulin given to mother to prevent antibodies from fighting against antegens of baby
  3. c fear, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, joy, birth fantasies, social support
  4. d peak of a contraction
  5. e letting up of a contraction

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  1. effacement and dialation of cervix, through uterine contractions
  2. the relation of the fetal parts to one another
  3. systematic approach to determine fetal position and presentation
    -first- palpating abdomen-upper-head or buttocks
    -second-determining head or buttucks occupies fundus
    -3rd-determines fetal part just above the pelvic outlet
    -4th-palpating lower abdomen, locating cephaliac prominence or brow of fetus
  4. triangle shape, closes around 8-12wks, the intersection of the posterior cranial sutures
  5. the time between the beginning of one contraction and the beginning of the next

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  1. Intensitythe strength of the contraction during acme


  2. 2nd Stage of LaborPacenta stage- period from birth of baby through birth of placenta
    -placenta separates from uterine wall by uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure


  3. Bloody Showspontaneous rupture of membrane
    artificial rupture of membrane
    -assess time of rupture, amount, color and odor
    -possible infection, meconium in amniotic fluid


  4. Fetal liethe relationship of the cephalocaudal (spinal column) axis of the fetus to the cephalocaudal axis of the mother


  5. 3 Phases of 1st Stage of LaborLatent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated


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