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Intrapartum Test

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  1. Bloody Show
  2. Information obtained during a Vaginal Exam
  3. Frequency
  4. Lightening
  5. Fetal lie
  1. a effects of fetus settling in the pelvis
  2. b the time between the beginning of one contraction and the beginning of the next
  3. c the relationship of the cephalocaudal (spinal column) axis of the fetus to the cephalocaudal axis of the mother
  4. d labor progress, cervical dialation, status of fetal membrane, palpation of presenting part for position and fetal descent
  5. e pinkish tinged snot like mucus that slides out, a positive sign of labor

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  1. an IM injection given to mothers who have babies that have opposite Rh factor than themselves.
    -it's an immune gamma gobulin given to mother to prevent antibodies from fighting against antegens of baby
  2. determined by fetal lie and by body part of the fetus that enters pelvic passage first
  3. letting up of a contraction
  4. fear, anxiety, anticipation, excitement, joy, birth fantasies, social support
  5. Pacenta stage- period from birth of baby through birth of placenta
    -placenta separates from uterine wall by uterine contractions and intra-abdominal pressure

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  1. Braxton Hicks contractionsirregular intermittant contractions, false labor, eventually goes away


  2. Leopold's Maneuverssystematic approach to determine fetal position and presentation
    -first- palpating abdomen-upper-head or buttocks
    -second-determining head or buttucks occupies fundus
    -3rd-determines fetal part just above the pelvic outlet
    -4th-palpating lower abdomen, locating cephaliac prominence or brow of fetus


  3. Stationmeasuring the contraction beginning to end


  4. 3 Phases of behavior of new motherTaking In-excited and eager to talk about experience,overwhelmed by exhaustion,dependent on others
    Taking Hold-seeks positive feedback about caregiving skills, goes between nurturing needs and resuming independence
    Letting Go-reorganizes household tasks and schedule,less dependent of others,more comfortable with new role as mother


  5. What is accomplished during 1st stage of LaborLatent phase-0-3 cm dialated
    Active phase- 4-7cm
    Transition phase- 8-10cm dialated


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