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  1. renaissance and jazz age defined
  2. Judson dance theatre
  3. Jazz defined
  4. Jackson pollack's work
  5. stanislavsky in the u.s.
  1. a no. 5(1948) (very odd arrangment) no form?
    action painting
    pure energy feeling
  2. b 1919-1930's
    black middle class celebrating heritage
  3. c formed in 1962
  4. d 1923 moscow art theatre tour
    the method" acting
  5. e in the u.s.
    influenced by ragtime and blues
    new orleans origination

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  1. "Sankai juku"
    starting over, fetal imagery
    imagenistic, men role
  2. dance in the country(1883)
    le moulin de la galette(1876)
    to paint"the earth as the paradise of the gods"
  3. imponderbillia (1977)
    body art
  4. new approach to pictorial space
    fragmented shapes, returns to shallow space
    african influences on this style
  5. images from the natural world are reduced in shape
    "pure" use of line, color and shadow

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  1. post impressionism artistsClaude monet(1840-1926)
    pierre auguste renoir(1841-1919)
    edgar degos(1834-1917)
    mary cassatt(1845-1926)
    claude debusy(1862-1918)
    Auguste rodin(1840-1917) only sculpture here,


  2. Claude debussy's worksclaire de lune(1890) or a.k.a "the moonlight"
    creates mood's and atmosphere (marvin gaye of art)


  3. renaissance sculpture meta fuller's worktheir eyes watching god
    african dialect


  4. Dada definedpost ww1,
    emphasized collage, art through chance
    irratinoal, sometimes violent


  5. allan kaprow's worklittle deer(1946) (dead deer)
    broken column(1944) (distorted spine with boobs)
    the dream


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