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  1. jazz instruments
  2. Claude debussy's works
  3. Cubism artist (picasso's and mattise)
  4. merce cunningham's work
  5. duke ellington's work
  1. a picasson-
    les demoielles diavigon(prostitutes) (1907)
    bust of a man (influenced by african culture)
    the young sailer 1 and 2(one african, one not)
  2. b cunningham channel inserts
    uber flexible people,composed of chance movement
    everyday movement
  3. c trumpet drumset
    saxophone trombone
  4. d east tl.louis took-oo
  5. e claire de lune(1890) or a.k.a "the moonlight"
    creates mood's and atmosphere (marvin gaye of art)

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  1. the segull(1896)
    the three sisters(1901)
    cherry orchard(1904)
    uncle Vanya(1899)
  2. mucha, alfons(pics of women, czech)
    gustav klimt(1862-1918)
  3. a raisin in the sun
    friday night lights(boooo) :p
  4. the year it joined the union, and the years with rebellions
  5. new style of dance
    Barefoot dance, expressive moement
    aggressive floorwork style, feet flexed normally

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  1. Jean-francis millet's worka dolls housse(address issues for gender role)


  2. Jacob lawrence's workthe migration of the negro(1940)
    the shoe maker(1945)
    60 painting migration series


  3. Modern architecture frank wrightfalling waterfall and home(gorgeous structure) in sink with nature and the surrounding environment. cozy little crib


  4. Realism in theatre definedtries to give on objective account
    immitates reality on stage, to show life how it truly is(sucks)
    used truth in 5 sense, cause and effect


  5. Realism paintersGustave courbet
    Jean-francis millet


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