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  1. Modern architecture frank wright
  2. renaissance literature(zora hurston's work)
  3. yvonees rainer's work
  4. Post modern dance defined
  5. Cubism
  1. a ranier's trio A
    post modern dance
  2. b less choreographing, more dancing
    everyday movement
  3. c their eyes watching god
    african dialect
  4. d falling waterfall and home(gorgeous structure) in sink with nature and the surrounding environment. cozy little crib
  5. e new approach to pictorial space
    fragmented shapes, returns to shallow space
    african influences on this style

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  1. Gustave courbet
    Jean-francis millet
  2. post ww1,
    emphasized collage, art through chance
    irratinoal, sometimes violent
  3. b roadway debut(1919)
    Emperor jones
  4. tries to give on objective account
    immitates reality on stage, to show life how it truly is(sucks)
    used truth in 5 sense, cause and effect
  5. 1832-1926
    worked in barcelona spain, spirals and curves only
    casa mila(kick A** apartments)
    casa batillo(another kick as* apartment house stone)

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  1. duke ellington's worka dolls housse(address issues for gender role)


  2. Frida kahlo's work18 happenings in 6 parts
    focuses on the act of making


  3. mark rothko's workThe starry night(1889)
    mentally ill, offed himself. vivid colors, intense but complimentary


  4. louis armstrong's workjazz trumpeter
    a kiss to dream on(1962)


  5. Impressionism definedrebelliious against realism
    late 19th century/20th century
    evokes subject/ senory information
    use of light and color


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