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  1. jazz instruments
  2. mark rothko's work
  3. Realism in theatre defined
  4. Post modernism defined
  5. Gustave Courbet
  1. a tries to give on objective account
    immitates reality on stage, to show life how it truly is(sucks)
    used truth in 5 sense, cause and effect
  2. b trumpet drumset
    saxophone trombone
  3. c The stone breakers(1849)
  4. d no3/61
    expressive effects
    colors of nations
  5. e 1900-1950
    highly intertextual, popular culture
    challenges the authors intent, combines styles
    happenings emerge

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  1. paul cezanne(1839-1906)
    van goh(1853-1890)
  2. less choreographing, more dancing
    everyday movement
  3. a raisin in the sun
    friday night lights(boooo) :p
  4. Gustave courbet
    Jean-francis millet
  5. beyond reality, imagery for the subconscious mind
    erotic, highten reality, insanity
    founded by Andre Breton(1924)

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  1. Gustav klimt's workthe kis(1907)
    decorative arts, lead a secessionist group in women


  2. allan kaprow's work18 happenings in 6 parts
    focuses on the act of making


  3. The abbey theatre day1904 it opened
    major theatre,
    beatles wrote a song to it


  4. Art Nouveau's artist'sthe bath (1891)
    painted women
    american painter in france.


  5. Cubism artist (picasso's and mattise)picasson-
    les demoielles diavigon(prostitutes) (1907)
    bust of a man (influenced by african culture)
    the young sailer 1 and 2(one african, one not)


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