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  1. 1st step toward democracy in America when the pilgrims agreed to abide by majority rule.
  2. set up a series of trade routesbetween the colonies, Africa, and Weat Indies, OR the colonies, Europe, and West Indies. It brought many slavess to the colonies along with a lot of money.

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  1. connection between slavery and the plantation systemBoth came from New England for religious reasons challenging the Church of England at around the same time in history. Pilgrims were smaller in number, came first, and ultimately absorbed by the larger, more intolerant of their ideas being aposed, Puritans fo Mass. Bay who wanted to"purify the Church of England"


  2. jamestown salvationbad weather, disease, Indians, lack of food and leadership (early on for leadership), "gantlemen" sent instead of hard workers, no ownership of land by settlers.


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