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  1. Han
  2. Nile
  3. Mohenjo Daro
  4. Iron
  5. Zoroastrianism
  1. a the substance that replaced bronze
  2. b the chinese dynasty that replace the Qin
  3. c the longest river in the world
  4. d the name of the place meant "land of the dead" in ancient India
  5. e According to this religion, Ahura Mazda will judge everyone according to how well he or she fought the battle for good

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  1. the first people to leave Africa, walked upright, and had control of fire
  2. a scientist who studies fossils
  3. a temple built by the Sumerians
  4. the wedged-shaped writing created by the Sumerians
  5. The worship of one god

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  1. barterthe island that the Minoan civilization was located on


  2. Hindu Kush and Himalayasthe first known dynasty of China that left archaeological evidence that it existed


  3. Sumeriansthe people who created the epic of Gilgamesh


  4. legalismaccording to this idea, harsh laws and punishment maintain social order in ancient China.


  5. Bureaucracya group of government officials headed by an administrator to divide the running of the country or empire


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