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  1. Bureaucracy
  2. I Ching
  3. Mohenjo Daro
  4. paleontologist
  5. Darius the first of Persia
  1. a a group of government officials headed by an administrator to divide the running of the country or empire
  2. b the name of the place meant "land of the dead" in ancient India
  3. c The book that many ancient chinese people consulted to solve ethical or practical problems
  4. d a scientist who studies fossils
  5. e the person given credit for developing the Royal Road

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  1. a highly organized society marked by technology, trade, art, science, government, culture, and a written language
  2. according to this idea, harsh laws and punishment maintain social order in ancient China.
  3. a governor in ancient Persia
  4. that animal that is believed to be the first domesticated
  5. means "sacred writing" in ancient Egyptian

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  1. Cuneiformthe people who created the epic of Gilgamesh


  2. Monotheismthe worship of many gods


  3. Hanthat animal that is believed to be the first domesticated


  4. Mahaviraoriginally meant "big house" in ancient Egypt.


  5. The Shang Dynastythe first known dynasty of China that left archaeological evidence that it existed


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