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  1. King Syrus the Great of Persia
  2. Civilization
  3. Zoroastrianism
  4. Han
  5. Homo Erectus
  1. a the first people to leave Africa, walked upright, and had control of fire
  2. b The person who liberated the jews from exile in Babylon
  3. c the chinese dynasty that replace the Qin
  4. d According to this religion, Ahura Mazda will judge everyone according to how well he or she fought the battle for good
  5. e a highly organized society marked by technology, trade, art, science, government, culture, and a written language

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  1. a temple built by the Sumerians
  2. The length of the great wall of china
  3. The book that many ancient chinese people consulted to solve ethical or practical problems
  4. the longest river in the world
  5. a traditional story that explains natural events

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  1. Phoeniciansthe people who created the epic of Gilgamesh


  2. dogthe substance that replaced bronze


  3. Yellow Riverthe sacred river in India


  4. Ganges Riverthe sacred river in India


  5. monsoona seasonal wind that brings rain to Asia and India


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