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  1. dog
  2. Ziggurat
  3. paleontologist
  4. The Shang Dynasty
  5. Confucianism
  1. a according to this, respect for parents and elders is important to a well-ordered society in ancient China
  2. b the first known dynasty of China that left archaeological evidence that it existed
  3. c a scientist who studies fossils
  4. d a temple built by the Sumerians
  5. e that animal that is believed to be the first domesticated

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  1. a mixture of copper and tin
  2. a system of trade in which no money is exchanged
  3. the founder of Buddhism
  4. a scientist who studies the physical and cultural characteristics of humans and their ancestors
  5. According to this religion, Ahura Mazda will judge everyone according to how well he or she fought the battle for good

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  1. Monotheismthe worship of many gods


  2. I Chingthe chinese dynasty that replace the Qin


  3. Bureaucracya governor in ancient Persia


  4. satrapThe people that first developed the caste system in ancient India


  5. Civilizationthe largest river in the world


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