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  1. Ziggurat
  2. Ganges River
  3. Civilization
  4. Han
  5. Aryans
  1. a a temple built by the Sumerians
  2. b the chinese dynasty that replace the Qin
  3. c a highly organized society marked by technology, trade, art, science, government, culture, and a written language
  4. d The people that first developed the caste system in ancient India
  5. e the sacred river in India

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  1. The person who liberated the jews from exile in Babylon
  2. a traditional story that explains natural events
  3. the largest river in the world
  4. a mixture of copper and tin
  5. The length of the great wall of china

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  1. monsoonthe largest river in the world


  2. anthropologista scientist who studies fossils


  3. MonotheismThe worship of one god


  4. Mary LeakeyThe person who discovered the remains of "homo habilis"


  5. King Narmer/King Menesthe people who created the epic of Gilgamesh


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