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  1. Radical Republicans
  2. General George McClellan
  3. Election of 1876
  4. Popular Sovereignty
  5. segregation
  1. a the separation between whites and blacks
  2. b letting the citizens choose what they want to do in situations
  3. c was the first time a candidate who had lost the popular vote became president, Rutherford B. Hayes won
  4. d minority group of republicans in Congress led by Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens, wanted to destroy political power of former slave holders and wanted full citizenship and the right to vote for African-Americans
  5. e Union general, appointed by Lincoln responsible for Eastern Theater and pushed back by General Robert E. Lee at Richmond

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  1. General Grant cuts off Lee's supplies and forces Confederate troops to evacuate Petersburg and Richmond; Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court house, Virginia
  2. Democratic congressman from S. Carolina who beat Charles Sumner with a cane after his speech
  3. taxes African-Americans and other minorities had to pay to be able to vote
  4. don't want to be part of going to war, not everyone wanted to get rid of slavery in north or keep it in south
  5. Lincoln ordered that slaves be freed or emancipated if Southern territory is seized by the Union army, Symbolic importance was the change of the Civil War's goal from Unity to freeing slaves

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  1. General William T. ShermanUnion general believed in total war, burned everything to ruin the moral of the people


  2. Bleeding SumnerWhen Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts denounced "the crime against Kansas" in a widely publicized speech, a member of Congress from South Carolina, Preston Brooks, attacked him on the Senate floor and beat him senseless with a cane.


  3. Dred Scott Decisionall people of African ancestry -- slaves as well as those who were free -- could never become citizens of the United States and therefore could not sue in federal court


  4. ImpeachmentArkansas, Tennessee, N.Carolina,Virginia


  5. General Benjamin ButlerUnion general helped bring the slaves into the civil war to fight against the confederates


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