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  1. 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments
  2. Gettysburg Address
  3. Fort Sumter
  4. 54th Massachusetts Infantry
  5. Reconstruction
  1. a Lincolns under 2 minute speech after the war in 1863 to dedicate a national cemetery at site of Battle of Gettysburg
  2. b where the shots initiating the American Civil War were fired
  3. c were all amendments to help African-Americans achieve full citizenship and rights
  4. d first black regiment
  5. e was the period during which the United States began to rebuild after the Civil War, lasting from 1865 to 1877

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  1. Massachusetts, over 40% of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry regiment 40% of soldiers injured or killed, Colonel Shaw was killed
  2. Democrats demanded the with-drawl of federal troops from Louisiana and S. Carolina, they wanted money to build a railroad from Texas to the West coast, to improve southern river, harbors, and bridges, and they wanted Hayes to appoint a conservative southerner to the cabinet
  3. all runaway slaves be brought back to their masters Uncle Tom's Cabin: book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe,published In 1852, portrayed slavery as a great moral evil
  4. letting the citizens choose what they want to do in situations
  5. the formal withdraw of state from the Union

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  1. General Stonewall JacksonConfederate general of the Army of Northern Virginia was one of the biggest leaders of the Confederate army


  2. Preston BrooksDemocratic congressman from S. Carolina who beat Charles Sumner with a cane after his speech


  3. Abraham Lincolndon't want to be part of going to war, not everyone wanted to get rid of slavery in north or keep it in south


  4. Poll taxestaxes African-Americans and other minorities had to pay to be able to vote


  5. Bleeding Kansasextremely difficult tests African-Americans had to take gain voting rights


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