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  1. Latium Plain
  2. Tiber River
  3. consul
  4. Appennines
  5. Byzantine Empire
  1. a one of two elected officials of the Roman Republic who commanded the army and were supreme judges
  2. b a river flowing southward from north-central Italy across the Latium plain, and into the Tyrrhenian Sea
  3. c mountain range on Italian Peninsula
  4. d a plain on the west coast of Italy on which city of Rome was built
  5. e The name by which the eastern half of the Roman empire became known some time after A.D. 400

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  1. A period of peace for the Roman Empire that began with the rule of Augustus in about 27 B.C. and lasted around 200 years.
  2. a periodic countof all the people living in a country, city, or other region
  3. Region in southwestern Asia that became the ancient home of the jews; the ancient Roman name for Judea;
  4. a common farmer,trader,or craftworker in ancient Rome
  5. a person who is elected by citizens to speak or act for them. See Republic.

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  1. patriciana common farmer,trader,or craftworker in ancient Rome


  2. Nazaretha simple story that contains a message or truth


  3. Cleopatra69-30 B.C. Ruler of Egyptian government in Alexandria who backed Caesar in the civil war he waged from 49 to 45 B.C.


  4. JudeaThe land in the eastern Mediterranean region populated by Jews at the time of the Roamn empire


  5. civil warSeries of conflicts between Rome and Carthage in 200B.C.


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