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  1. Constatine
  2. Senate
  3. apostle
  4. Rome
  5. Palestine
  1. a A.D. 280-337 Roman Emperor who founded Constantinople as the new eastern capital of the ROman empire
  2. b the former center of the both the ancient Roman Republic and the Roman empire;capital of present-day Italy
  3. c Region in southwestern Asia that became the ancient home of the jews; the ancient Roman name for Judea;
  4. d the lawmaking body and most powerful branch of government in ancient Rome's Republic.
  5. e One of the 12 closest followers of Jesus, chosen by him to help him teach

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  1. one of two elected officials of the Roman Republic who commanded the army and were supreme judges
  2. A branch of Christianity that developed in the western Roman Empire and that recognized the Pope as its supreme head
  3. A period of peace for the Roman Empire that began with the rule of Augustus in about 27 B.C. and lasted around 200 years.
  4. a church official who leads a large group of Christians in a particular region
  5. mountain range on Italian Peninsula

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  1. ZamaA.D. 11-67 Follower of Jesus who helped spread Christianity throughout the Roman world


  2. Dioceletiana common farmer,trader,or craftworker in ancient Rome


  3. Punic WarsArmed conflicts between groups in one country


  4. dictatorA Roman athlete, usually a slave, criminal, or prisoner of war, who was forced to fight for the entertainment of the public


  5. popeThe bishop, or church leader, of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church


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