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  1. Anticoags
  2. Poisoning
  3. Objectives to patient monitoring
  4. Hetastarch, Dextran 70, Oxyglobin
  5. Cardiotoxic plants
  1. a lily of valley, oleander, rhododendrum, azalea, rosebay, yew, foxglove, and kalanchoe
  2. b plants, chemicals, antifreeze, pest control, OTC drugs, prescription drugs
  3. c vit k, clinical signs may not be seen for 5-10 days, hemorrhage, pale mm, weakness, exercise intolerance, lameness, dyspnea, coughing, and swollen joints. Stabilize immed. transfus. may be needed whole blood or plasma
  4. d Anticipate needs of patient, understand potential complications, evaluate current status, eval. response to tx, detect new problems
  5. e Colloid solutions

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  1. when and how should you remove a lodged object (what should you wait for the animal to do?)
  2. most commonly found in windsheild washer fluid- contains formaldehyde, Min. toxic dose is 8g/kg
    Small exposure=mild gastric upset
  3. approach cautiously, pain = biting, not always life threatening, serious signs, distress breathing, pale/while MM, bleeding from nose. Avoid moving as much as possible
  4. contains theobromine/caffine which are methylxanthines. Causes hyperacitvity, incrs. HR, tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, urine output, lethargy and pote. death
    TX: Emesis
    Prognosis: depends on kind and amount ingested
  5. some types shown to cause renal failure in dogs, currently being studied, unknown amounts cause problems, so any could be dangerous

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  1. Crash Cart suppliesEt tubes, laryngoscope, mouth gags, tie gauze, lidocaine, syringes and caths, needles, curved mayo scissors, q tips, tongue depress. 4x4 gauze, gloves, vet wrap, sterile saline


  2. Bath with mild liquid dish soapwound is sutured 3-5 days after injury, granulation is present in wound at time of closure, indicated when the wound is severely contaminated or traumatized


  3. Rising bread doughgi upset, further problems if included in meds


  4. Canine Heimlichlow toxicity, wide margin of safety


  5. Liquid potpourribegins after blood clot have formed, usually active 3-5 days after injury, Fibroblasts invade the wound, increase wound strength, red fleshy granulation tissue fills the wound, often under the scab


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