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Surgical Instruments, Aseptic technique, Cleaning agents, Emergency procedures, Wound healing, Toxicology and Wound healing Test

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  1. Hetastarch, Dextran 70, Oxyglobin
  2. Foreign body
  3. Glow Necklaces
  4. Drugs and ECG
  5. Second Intention
  1. a Colloid solutions
  2. b dirty, contaminated, traumatized wounds, Debridement is necessary and closure may be difficult, not desirable because new epithelium is fragile and easily grazed
  3. c open mouth and try to remove with forceps, doesn't always work, may cause more harm
  4. d the D and E part of the ABC's stand for what
  5. e drooling, bitter taste, can cause hyperactivity and aggression

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  1. material not absorbed by this method are include-ethanol, methanol, fertilizer, fluoride, petroleum distallates, heavy metals, iodides, nitrate, nitrites, sodium chloride, and chloride
  2. restore fluid balance to the animal (phase)
  3. What does the ABC's stand for
  4. dilution, recommended to dilute with milk/water at 1-3ml/lb of bw
  5. wound is sutured 3-5 days after injury, granulation is present in wound at time of closure, indicated when the wound is severely contaminated or traumatized

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  1. Kept open at firsttime lapse since injury, 6-8 hrs old should....
    Depends on degree of contamination, amount of tissue damage, ability to debride, blood supply to the wound, animals health, closure with tension of dead space, and location of the wound


  2. Acidspaint, toys, drapery weights, linoleum, batteries, plumbing material, wire, solder, stained glass, fishing sinkers, lead shot, foil from champagne bottles, improperly glazed bowls
    lethargy, weakness, anorexia, regurg, PU, ataxia, circling and convulsions


  3. Macadamia Nutsmay cause problems in dogs, weakness, depression, vomiting, ataxia, tremors, and hyperthermia. symptoms within 1st 12hrs of ingestion


  4. Emesisthis method can be used in dogs, cat, pigs, and ferrets if non-corrosive material was ingested . Contraindicated in rodents, rabbits, birds, horses, and ruminents. Patients with hx of cardiac disease, epilepsy, abdominal surgery, severely debilitated, coma, hyperactive, or if they have already done this.


  5. Xylitolsugar alcohol found in many gums, snacks, beverages, some dental washes for pets- has plaque-blocking properties. Can cause severe hypoglycemia secondary to insulin release, liver failure, coagulopathy, symptoms within 30 mins of ingestion, liver failure 18-72 hrs after ingestion


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