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  1. Bath with mild liquid dish soap
  2. Batteries
  3. Liquid potpourri
  4. Foreign body
  5. 2 minutes
  1. a chewed = alkaline burns, swallowed foreign body obstruction
  2. b open mouth and try to remove with forceps, doesn't always work, may cause more harm
  3. c mm/gi irritation, CNS depression, dermal hypersensitivity and irritation, can contain cationic detergents which can lead to tissue necrosis/inflammation of mouth, esophagus, and stomach
  4. d External toxin tx
  5. e When should CPCR be started by (how many minutes)

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  1. from the allium family, causes anemia ultimately, but may also cause hemoglobinuria, vomiting, weakness and pallor
    Some baby food contains this and has been known to cause toxicity in cats
  2. drain openers, oven cleaners, bleach, industrial cleaners, denture cleaner, bath and house cleaner, radiator agents, hair relaxers, alkaline batteries, electric dishwasher soap, oven cleaner pads, cement. Causes deeper lesions than acid injury
  3. Factors affecting wound healing
  4. corrosive chems, may cause corrosive effects if tab chewed, in water just gastric irritant
  5. some types shown to cause renal failure in dogs, currently being studied, unknown amounts cause problems, so any could be dangerous

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  1. Repair Phasetreatment priorities over an extended spectrum of body systems


  2. Dorsal Ventral aspectposition for patient over 15lbs


  3. 2 breaths with 15 compression'ahow many breaths and compression's if you are alone


  4. Mothballsemesis is usually only productive if done in the first ? hrs
    Works better if you feed a small, moist meal prior to inducing vomiting


  5. Appositional healing or First intentionwound is sutured 3-5 days after injury, granulation is present in wound at time of closure, indicated when the wound is severely contaminated or traumatized


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