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  1. Allergic reaction
  2. Life threatening
    Non-life threatening emergency
    Can be handled at home
  3. Lateral Recumbancy
  4. Open Fracture/Fracture
  5. Maintain Hydration
    Replace fluid loss
    Maintain IV access
    Increase Urine output
    Nutritional support
  1. a 5 reasons for fluid therapy
  2. b position for patient under 15lbs
  3. c bruising, three legged, swelling, bone exposed. must see a vet, until then cold compress, restrict activity, anti-inflammatory
  4. d usually non-life threatening emergency, cause insect bite, drug reactions, vaccine reaction.
    Signs: Facial swelling, difficult breathing, hives, vomiting&diarrhea, pain, itching, and licking.
    Tx. for owners: Cold water, benadryl, pull out stinger if still present
  5. e 4 categories for triage

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  1. lillies (cats only) rhubarb (leaves only) grapes and raisins
  2. ideal bag for assisted breathing, chest should raise slightly, pressure should not exceed 20cm H2O
  3. how many breaths and compression if you have two people
  4. Four physical phases of wound healing
  5. Colloid solutions

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  1. Anticoagsvit k, clinical signs may not be seen for 5-10 days, hemorrhage, pale mm, weakness, exercise intolerance, lameness, dyspnea, coughing, and swollen joints. Stabilize immed. transfus. may be needed whole blood or plasma


  2. Drugs and ECGremoves debris, reduces number of bacteria in the wound, do not add antibiotics to the fluid, moderate pressure is most important


  3. Repair Phasebegins after blood clot have formed, usually active 3-5 days after injury, Fibroblasts invade the wound, increase wound strength, red fleshy granulation tissue fills the wound, often under the scab


  4. Chest compression for 15lbs and underposition patient in lateral recumbancy
    Place one hand on chest 4-5 intercostal space
    Using thumb and finger of one hand compress @ 120 cpm
    Also used is the palm of the hand cupped around the chest of the animal


  5. 2 minutessugar alcohol found in many gums, snacks, beverages, some dental washes for pets- has plaque-blocking properties. Can cause severe hypoglycemia secondary to insulin release, liver failure, coagulopathy, symptoms within 30 mins of ingestion, liver failure 18-72 hrs after ingestion


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