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  1. Bushido
  2. Nara Period
  3. Heian Period
  4. Kami
  5. Shintoism
  1. a Religion located in Japan and related to Buddhism, focuses particularly on nature and ancestor worship.
  2. b One the Shinto deities (including mythological beings, spirits of distinguished men, forces of nature)
  3. c Period in which a Buddhist monk married into the Royal family, bringing Chinese influence to Japan.
  4. d (794 - 1100) Classical period which involved 300 years of developing a new culture; growth of large estates; arts and literature of china flourished; elaborate court life; personal diaries moved away from Chinese culture.
  5. e Traditional code of the Japanese samurai which stressed courage and loyalty and self-discipline and simple living; "way of the warrior"

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  1. The 'divine wind' that repelled the Mongolian threat.
  2. Shogun who ended the "Warring States" period and expelled the European missionaries.
  3. First shogun of Japan; he started the tradition of shogunates; he passed all his land to his oldest son.
  4. Ritual suicide or disembowelment in Japan; commonly known in West as hara-kiri; demonstrated courage and a means to restore family honor.
  5. Japanese lord who seized the imperial capital Kyoto in 1568 and sought to rule the empire by force; revolutionized Japanese warfare (firearms)

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  1. KampakuThe position the Fujiwara will take over which is like prime minister


  2. Zen BuddhismA sect that emphasizes enlightenment through meditation and stresses simplicity and discipline.


  3. Taika ReformsAttempt to remake Japanese monarch into an absolute Chinese-style emperor; included attempts to create professional bureaucracy and peasant conscript army.


  4. ShogunSupreme military commander


  5. Tokugawa IeyasuJapanese overlord who established a shogunate headed by his family for more than 250 years, isolated Japan from the world and restricted marriage to members of the same class.


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