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  1. Ostensible
  2. Staunch
  3. Garrulous
  4. Culminate
  5. Escarpment
  1. a A steep slope or long cliff caused by erosion
  2. b Reach the highest point
    Coming to an end is the peak reached
    Climax and conclusion
  3. c Apparent or pretend purpose
  4. d Very talkative
    Tiresomely chatty rambling
  5. e Loyal; faithful; dependable
    Faithful; True; Strong

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  1. Any bulge or swelling of an anatomical structure or part
    Network terminal point where a continuous curve intersects itself
  2. To smirk, smile foolishly
    Silly self-conscious smile
  3. Strong hostile words to convey their feelings
    Expressing harsh criticism
    Bars of the fencing, or any metal or wooden support piece
    What a train travels on the cross ties on a railroad track
    To separate or close in with fencing or bars
  4. Another word for scorn
    Turned away and rejected
    Kick at or tread on disrespectfully
  5. Chuckle with delight or possibly snort

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  1. CholericEasily angered
    Outburst in a disagreeable irritable way
    Easily angered; grouchy; quick-tempered


  2. FlauntScorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas


  3. ConfluenceWithdrawn from society
    Wants to be alone


  4. LoathReluctant; unwilling
    Hesitate to do something for fear that of getting in trouble


  5. ZenithThe highest point; the peak
    A pinnacle of personal achievement
    The upper portion of the sky or celestial sphere


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