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  1. Ostensible
  2. Choleric
  3. Escarpment
  4. Staunch
  5. Simper
  1. a Easily angered
    Outburst in a disagreeable irritable way
    Easily angered; grouchy; quick-tempered
  2. b To smirk, smile foolishly
    Silly self-conscious smile
  3. c A steep slope or long cliff caused by erosion
  4. d Apparent or pretend purpose
  5. e Loyal; faithful; dependable
    Faithful; True; Strong

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  1. Withdrawn from society
    Wants to be alone
  2. Scorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas
  3. Chuckle with delight or possibly snort
  4. Turning aside or deviating from your course
    A thin transparent object
    Utter total pure
  5. Very talkative
    Tiresomely chatty rambling

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  1. ConfluenceTo show off things that might impress others
    Shamelessly break the rules, defiantly showing off


  2. RailLowest point of a sphere or anything


  3. OstentationShowing off new found wealth
    Displaying all you know


  4. NodeAny bulge or swelling of an anatomical structure or part
    Network terminal point where a continuous curve intersects itself


  5. GregariousVery talkative
    Tiresomely chatty rambling


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