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  1. Wellspring
  2. Ostensible
  3. Escarpment
  4. Laconic
  5. Flout
  1. a The source of a river or idea
    A source of fresh new ideas
    Fountainhead of the water supply
  2. b Scorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas
  3. c A steep slope or long cliff caused by erosion
  4. d Apparent or pretend purpose
  5. e Concise, using few words

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  1. To show off things that might impress others
    Shamelessly break the rules, defiantly showing off
  2. Turbulent, violent, whirlpool
    Disturbing deeply felt confusion of ideas or feelings
  3. Reach the highest point
    Coming to an end is the peak reached
    Climax and conclusion
  4. Withdrawn from society
    Wants to be alone
  5. Turning aside or deviating from your course
    A thin transparent object
    Utter total pure

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  1. RailLowest point of a sphere or anything


  2. SpurnAnother word for scorn
    Turned away and rejected
    Kick at or tread on disrespectfully


  3. GarrulousFlock
    Socially seeking and enjoying the company of others as often as possible


  4. CholericEasily angered
    Outburst in a disagreeable irritable way
    Easily angered; grouchy; quick-tempered


  5. StaunchLoyal; faithful; dependable
    Faithful; True; Strong


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