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  1. Ostensible
  2. Flout
  3. Confluence
  4. Laconic
  5. Gregarious
  1. a Apparent or pretend purpose
  2. b Concise, using few words
  3. c A merging together of people
    Coming together of two or more streams as they flow into a larger body of water
    To combine different points of view into one plan
  4. d Scorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas
  5. e Flock
    Socially seeking and enjoying the company of others as often as possible

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  1. Any bulge or swelling of an anatomical structure or part
    Network terminal point where a continuous curve intersects itself
  2. Another word for scorn
    Turned away and rejected
    Kick at or tread on disrespectfully
  3. The highest point; the peak
    A pinnacle of personal achievement
    The upper portion of the sky or celestial sphere
  4. Lowest point of a sphere or anything
  5. A steep slope or long cliff caused by erosion

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  1. OstentationApparent or pretend purpose


  2. GarrulousVery talkative
    Tiresomely chatty rambling


  3. SheerTurning aside or deviating from your course
    A thin transparent object
    Utter total pure


  4. RailStrong hostile words to convey their feelings
    Expressing harsh criticism
    Bars of the fencing, or any metal or wooden support piece
    What a train travels on the cross ties on a railroad track
    To separate or close in with fencing or bars


  5. LoathScorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas


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