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  1. Bike
  3. Force
  4. Work
  1. a Simple: ramp
  2. b Compound: wheel & axle, pulley, lever
  3. c when something moves in the direction that the force is acting
  4. d a push or pull
  5. e Simple: door knob, windmill, screwdriver

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  1. the speed at which work is done
  2. but simple machines make it easier to do work OR do work that you could not do without the simple machine
  3. how force is measured
  4. You use less force to move something with a simple machine than if you didn't have it
  5. Simple: knife, axe head

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  1. Frictiona change of position


  2. Gravitythe force of the Earth's attraction


  3. Watthow power is measured (1 joule per second)


  4. LEVERSimple: claw of hammer, bottle opener


  5. Simple Machinea machine with only one kind of movement


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