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  1. Fulcrum
  2. Motion
  4. Force
  5. Axe
  1. a a push or pull
  2. b Compound: wedge, lever
  3. c a change of position
  4. d the place where a lever pivots
  5. e Simple: door knob, windmill, screwdriver

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  1. how power is measured (1 joule per second)
  2. You have to exert the force for a longer period of time & for a longer distance
  3. Simple: window blind rope, flagpole rope
  4. Compound: wedge, lever, wheel & axle
  5. a measure of distance

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  1. Simple Machinea machine with only one kind of movement


  2. Workhow power is measured (1 joule per second)


  3. LEVERa measure of distance


  4. Frictiona change of position


  5. Simple Machines don't change the amount of workbut simple machines make it easier to do work OR do work that you could not do without the simple machine


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