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  1. Compelling
  2. Mundane
  3. Scrupulous
  4. Oblique
  5. Defunct
  1. a not straightforward or direct
  2. b having or showing careful regard for what is morally right
  3. c no longer operative, or functional
  4. d commonplace, average, not special
  5. e attracting strong interest

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  1. strong disagreeable smell or taste
  2. very friendly and sociable
  3. to cause trouble
  4. to bring two or more people back into a friendly relationship
  5. to rob a place using force, especially during a war

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  1. Odiousnot straightforward or direct


  2. Usurpstrong anger, often with a desire for revenge


  3. Vacillatecan't make a decision, indecisive, changing opinions, avoiding the answer


  4. Sanguinecommonplace, average, not special


  5. Pallidpale complexion


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