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  1. Vacillate
  2. Odious
  3. Paradigm
  4. Mundane
  5. Wrath
  1. a inspiring hatred
  2. b a typical example of something
  3. c can't make a decision, indecisive, changing opinions, avoiding the answer
  4. d commonplace, average, not special
  5. e strong anger, often with a desire for revenge

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  1. able to recover quickly
  2. pale complexion
  3. strong disagreeable smell or taste
  4. having or showing careful regard for what is morally right
  5. concerned that even the smallest details should be just right

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  1. Defunctto prove something was an error


  2. Obliqueinspiring hatred


  3. Exorbitantunreasonably high or large


  4. Reconcileto bring two or more people back into a friendly relationship


  5. Instigateto cause trouble


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