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  1. Mundane
  2. Defunct
  3. Mawkish
  4. Sanguine
  5. Pillage
  1. a commonplace, average, not special
  2. b cheerfully optimistic
  3. c no longer operative, or functional
  4. d to rob a place using force, especially during a war
  5. e bland, unappetizing

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  1. commonplace, boring, overuse
  2. strong disagreeable smell or taste
  3. concerned that even the smallest details should be just right
  4. strong anger, often with a desire for revenge
  5. not straightforward or direct

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  1. Aberrationa strong feeling of dislike of somebody or something


  2. Aversiona strong feeling of dislike of somebody or something


  3. Gregariousinspiring hatred


  4. Resilientto prove something was an error


  5. Reconcileto bring two or more people back into a friendly relationship


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